Chariot is a monster exclusive to the Silent Hill pachislot game.


The Chariot resembles a male humanoid with flesh from its arms and shoulders forming into a long hood over its head. Its lower body is made up of two large, trunk-like tentacles for legs at the front and rusty-looking metal frames with a large pair of wheels to the rear. It also sports several long, rusty, nail-like spikes from the back of its torso.

In its right hand, it carries what appears to be a long dual-shafted polearm, similar in appearance to a giant tuning fork.


The Chariot could represent the Major Arcana tarot card of the same name. As its name and similar appearance suggests, there are a few similarities to a chariot – the area where the wheels are act as a carriage, the two large trunk-like tentacles represent pulling horses, and the long dual-shafted polearm that the creature is carrying in its right hand symbolizes the charioteers spear.


  • The Chariot is the only Pachislot monster who did not appear in the original Silent Hill 2 game.


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