Charon's Bar-B-Q is a location in Sinner's Reward. A little road-side stop within a day's drive from Boston, Massachusetts, Charon's Bar-B-Q is a fueling station, eatery, and repair shop all in one spot. Little is known about the location, save for the fact that it is run by an old man and has a substantial rat problem.

Sinner's Reward


The old man, after "helping" Finn Conway.

While on the run from mob boss Finn Conway, hitman Jack Stanton and Finn's wife Jillian stop in at Charon's for a bathroom break and to fuel up Jack's car. An old man, whose name is never revealed, runs Charon's Bar-B-Q. Knowledgeable about the area around the filling station and handy with a shotgun, the old man seems particularly on the up-and-up about the near-by town of Silent Hill, saying that all visitors passing through the area eventually end up in the town.

Before the two are able to leave, however, they're ambushed by Finn's hired thugs; hearing the commotion, the old man running the station, heads out with his shotgun, killing two of the three men, with the third escaping. When Jack recovers from the assault, the attendant explains that one got away with Jillian and is headed into the town of Silent Hill.

Sometime later, Finn Conway himself stops in at Charon's and asks about Jack and Jill. The attendant plays dumb at first, until Conway begins playing rough and pulling out guns. He explains that the pair had asked about the nearest bite to eat. He then explains he told the pair that food could be had in Silent Hill. Finn thanks him and gives chase. The old man tells him it was no trouble. After all, that's what he's there for.


  • The old man seems to be a terrible liar. When accosted by Finn Conway as to the whereabouts of his wife and former employee, the old man tells Finn that he sent the pair off to Silent Hill, as they were looking for a bite to eat, despite the fact that his place of employ is called Charon's Bar-B-Q.
  • Charon is the name of a ferryman to the underworld in Greek mythology. This may be a clue to the old man's odd behavior and seeming obsession with Silent Hill.
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