"Cheryl" refers to multiple subjects. See Cheryl for more uses.
I'm the captain of this cheerleading team. Leaders have to make tough choices.
—Cheryl to Ike before leaving him behind

Cheryl is the leader of the Bengal cheerleaders in Paint It Black.

Paint It Black

Cheryl and her cheerleading team encounter Ike Isaacs after their bus breaks down outside of Silent Hill. Cheryl decides to use this time to practice with her team, and Ike is shocked to discover how they are not attacked by the monsters. The group tries to contact help, but to no avail, and they decide to stay the night at Ike's house.

Unsatisfied with the place's decor, two of the members of Cheryl's team, Chrissy and Missy, decide to redecorate everything in pink, wash his clothes, and empty his fridge. Cheryl then states, "What goes around comes around," in reference to how he treated his friend, Joe, when he was living with him. Ike then yells at them to leave, leading Cheryl to knock him out and lock him in a closet.

A few hours later, when she comes to bring him some food, Ike warns her that the monsters in the painting are real and that they are in danger, but she doesn't believe him. More time passes, and eventually, she appears to let him out, now wearing combat getup and wielding a machine gun. She states that Chrissy and Missy were abducted by a monster, and that she and her team are going on a mission to rescue them. Ike decides to join them, and she hands him a letter to give to her parents if she doesn't survive.


Cheryl in her combat getup.

They eventually reach the bowling alley and are attacked by a group of Pyramid Heads. Ike paints a hole in the wall, and he and Cheryl enter a sort of parallel universe full of paintings. Ike tells her to torch them, which kills the monsters, and they escape into another parallel universe where they find Chrissy and Missy about to be dissected. The group saves the two and retreats, but leaves Ike behind as Cheryl states, "Like my daddy said before they stormed the cave, you do what you have to do to survive." She and the team escape the town in their firetruck, only to discover that Chrissy and Missy are monsters.


  • Cheryl is undoubtedly named after Cheryl Mason from the first Silent Hill, game; however, there is absolutely no connection or significance between the two characters.
  • Cheryl's father was in the military, and taught her everything she knew about combat.
  • When Cheryl confronts Ike about invading another's living space, she states, "Since I'm just your deranged fantasy version of the real Cheryl, I can say that and get away with it," though it is unknown what is meant by this.
  • According to Cheryl herself, she knows "seven schools" of hand-to-hand combat.
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