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Hey Daddy, do you think there'll be ponies there? I wanna ride a pony around, just like a cowboy!
—Cheryl, from the novel

Cheryl Mason is the adopted daughter of Harry Mason and Jodie Mason in Silent Hill. She disappears after Harry crashes his car upon arriving in the town, and finding her becomes his primary objective throughout the game.


Cheryl wears a pinkish-colored jumper under a blue-and-white checkered dress. She wears white socks that go up to just below the knees, which are dirty at the bottom. She wears no shoes. On her dress around the chest area are two stitched cats, one yellow and one white. This could represent Cheryl and Alessa Gillespie in that they are separate but the same.


Not much insight to Cheryl's personality is given in-game. Her favorite pastime is coloring, and she spends most of her time on the way to Silent Hill coloring in a book that Harry gave to her on her fifth birthday.

In the game's novelization, Cheryl is described as mature, patient, excitable, and understanding. She is very close to her father, and although she is disappointed at his lack of ability to spend time with her frequently due to his work, she knows that he does this for her sake.

Silent Hill: Origins

Alessa's astral projection cradling baby Cheryl.

Near the end of Silent Hill: Origins, Travis Grady finds Alessa Gillespie's burned body at a ritual site at the Green Lion Antiques store. Travis interrupts the Order in the middle of a ceremony and fights Alessa's Dream, sealing it into the Flauros. The Flauros then links to Alessa, and a baby is created, hovering over her: Cheryl. This is the result of Alessa splitting half of her soul and manifesting it into a baby.

In the good ending of Origins, Alessa's astral projection is seen cradling baby Cheryl. A radio transmission appears of Cheryl's adoptive mother and father finding her abandoned on the side of the road. Jodie decides to call her "Cheryl".

Life with Harry and Jodie Mason

Harry and Jodie finding Cheryl.

Tragically, Cheryl's adoptive mother Jodie became fatally ill and died when Cheryl was three. Cheryl, most likely too young to realize what had happened, wasn't too badly affected by the loss and carried on with her life as a normal child. Harry, understandably, took the loss much harder and latched onto Cheryl, who became his biggest reason for living.

When Cheryl was seven, she suggested to Harry, who was still in deep grief, that they take a vacation in the town of Silent Hill. She persuaded him that it would be a good idea, and Harry agreed.

Silent Hill

Cheryl in Silent Hill.

On the way to Silent Hill via car, Harry sees Alessa on the outskirts of the town and swerves to avoid her. Their car crashes, and Harry is knocked unconscious. At an unknown point in time (sooner rather than later), Cheryl is unified with Alessa, furthering Alessa's powers.

When Harry awakens, he discovers Cheryl has gone missing. Whenever Harry meets someone new, he always asks them if they've seen a little girl with short black hair. In the Otherworld Midwich Elementary School, Harry hears Cheryl's voice on a telephone pleading for help, after which the caller suddenly hangs up.


Silent Hill 1 cutscene 4-Cheryl Crying For Help

Cheryl crying for her father's help.

Cheryl is also apparently seen by Cybil Bennett when she was searching Bachman Street, though whether the girl she saw was Cheryl or not is unknown; it could be Alessa's astral projection. When Harry visits the Silent Hill Town Center, he sees Cheryl's image on a television screen crying for his help.



Silent Hill 1 - Bad Ending

Cheryl thanking Harry in the Bad+ ending.

If the Good+ or Good ending is achieved, the unified Cheryl/Alessa transforms into the Incubator; however, the Incubus appears from the Incubator. After Harry defeats the Incubus, the Incubator reappears and gives Harry a reincarnation of both Alessa and Cheryl combined into one being.

If the Bad+ or Bad ending is obtained, Harry is forced to fight the Incubator directly, and after she is killed, Cheryl's voice is heard thanking Harry for everything and saying a final goodbye, and Harry collapses in heartbreak.

Portland and murder case

A middle-aged Harry with Cheryl/Heather.

After escaping Silent Hill, Harry lived an ordinary life in Portland with his new adopted daughter. Harry was unsure about raising the baby even and considered killing, strangling, and abandoning her because he suspected the baby was a reincarnation of Alessa, and Alessa was responsible for taking Cheryl away from him. Harry's suspicions were ultimately correct, although it is unknown if Harry realized that the baby also contained Cheryl's reincarnated soul. Regardless of whether or not the baby was Alessa's reincarnation, Harry ultimately decided to forgive Alessa and raise the baby.

He also decided to name the baby "Cheryl" again, presumably because Jodie chose it and he wanted to honor her decision, as well as his previous adopted daughter. However, he later felt this name was a mistake since at the time, Harry only thought of her only as a replacement for his lost Cheryl.

The religious organization of Silent Hill, the Order, had planned to abduct the reincarnated Cheryl and proceeded to track her down. Five years after the events of the first game, Harry killed a cult member in self-defense during an attempted kidnapping of Cheryl. Harry was acquitted in court and relocated to another town to hide incognito.

To ensure Cheryl's safety, he dyed her hair from brunette to blonde and renamed her "Heather". Afterwards, he eventually settled in the Daisy Villa Apartments with her, and despite feeling confused and frustrated at who Heather could be deep inside, Harry was determined to raise her.

Silent Hill 3

Cheryl reincarnated as Heather Mason.

Main article: Heather Mason

Silent Hill 3 takes place seventeen years after the events of Silent Hill, after the Good or Good+ ending.

Cheryl/Alessa returns as Heather Mason, who has no memory of her past lives.

During the events of the game, the video tape of Cheryl from the first game can be viewed by Heather in the Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center. If the default ending in Silent Hill 3 is achieved, Heather will start calling herself Cheryl again, although she also states that she prefers her blonde hair color over her natural brunette.

Valtiel turning a valve beneath two hanging pairs of legs, symbolic of Alessa and Cheryl.

Cheryl is symbolized with Valtiel as a pair of hanging legs under a red curtain, along with Alessa. This is seen in the opening video, as well as at the end of a hallway in the chapel.

She was later adapted as a survivor in Dead by Daylight: Chapter XVI - Silent Hill.

Other appearances

Silent Hill film

Cheryl's incarnation in the film.

Main article: Sharon Da Silva

Cheryl was adapted for the film adaptation of Silent Hill and inexplicably given the name "Sharon Da Silva". In the film, her role as half of Alessa's soul and the adoptive daughter of the protagonist is retained, though she is two years older. Also changed is that Sharon specifically contains the good side of Alessa's soul, whereas Cheryl was never stated to have any specific part of Alessa's soul, just a portion of the whole. At the beginning of the film, Sharon is shown to suffer from a disorder which causes her to sleepwalk. Like Cheryl, Sharon disappears immediately following a car crash early on.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Cheryl in Shattered Memories.

Main article: Cheryl Heather Mason

Cheryl appears in the reimagining Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, in which her full name is given as "Cheryl Heather Mason", making her something of a combination of the original character's two incarnations. Additionally, dropping the supernatural elements in the original's origin story, this Cheryl is the biological daughter of Harry Mason and his wife, who in this setting is named Dahlia Mason. Despite this, Cheryl initially appears to have much the same role as she did in the first game, given that both games begin with Harry Mason having a car crash and awakening to find Cheryl missing, then setting out into the town of Silent Hill in a desperate attempt to find her. However, the very end of the game reveals that Cheryl's role is, in fact, drastically different; she is the true protagonist of the game, not Harry.

In this game's universe, Harry Mason actually died in the car crash depicted at the beginning of the story, when Cheryl was seven, and Cheryl was subsequently raised by her mother Dahlia for the next eighteen years. Cheryl took her father's death poorly enough that at the age of twenty-five, she travels to the town of Silent Hill to seek therapy from Dr. Michael Kaufmann in his Lighthouse clinic. The act of finally facing her mental and emotional issues stemming from the death of her father causes the town to tap into her mind and physically manifest a doppelganger of Harry Mason - the player-controlled character - who wakes up believing that he is the real Harry Mason, and that he is trying to find his lost seven-year-old daughter. When Harry finally enters the Lighthouse and confronts Cheryl, she is given the chance to say a proper goodbye to her father and move on with her life, and one of three endings plays out depending on the player's psyche profile and choices.

  • Harry encourages Cheryl to forget him and move on with her life, admitting that he was a lousy father, and she lets go of him, causing the Harry construct to fade from reality.
  • Harry encourages Cheryl to move on with her life while embracing the false memories she has created of Harry as a doting, loving father as if they were true, and she does, once again allowing Harry to fade from existence.
  • Cheryl refuses to let Harry go, hugging him and fully accepting the false reality the town has generated as her new life.


  • "Daddy, help me! Daddy, where are you?"
  • "Thank you, Daddy. Goodbye..."

Creator's comment

Originally we wanted to call her Dolores for the same reasons as Harry's character, but this met with fierce opposition and was rejected. The name originates from Sheryl Lee, but there is no particular significance.



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