Chrissy and Missy Project!

Chrissy and Missy are two members of the Bengals cheerleading team in Paint It Black.

Paint It Black

The cheerleading team encounters Ike Isaacs when their bus breaks down outside Silent Hill. They decide to stay the night at his house, during which Chrissy and Missy become bored and decide to redecorate everything in pink. Ike becomes furious, which leads Cheryl, the team's leader, to lock him in a closet.

During this time, Chrissy and Missy are abducted by monsters while having a pillow fight in lingerie: their way of burning off steam. Ike and the team set out on a mission to rescue them, and eventually find them in an alternate reality of the bowling alley, about to be dissected. They rescue them from the monsters and retreat in their firetruck, leaving Ike behind, only to discover that Chrissy and Missy are monsters themselves.

It is unknown if Chrissy and Missy were monsters the whole time or if they were replaced with monsters at some point during the story.

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