Christopher's note

Heather holds her father's note.

Christopher's Note is a letter written by Christopher Da Silva to his daughter in case anything were to ever happen to him, and he did not have the chance to tell his daughter her true life as Alessa Gillespie. The letter describes to Heather what lies in her past, as well as within Chris's own. The exterior of the letter reads "FOR SHARON," a reference to Heather's original name, Sharon Da Silva. It is the film version of Dad's Notebook seen in Silent Hill 3.


"My dearest Sharon,

If you're reading this, then something has happened to me. You're on your own now. Don't try to find me, and whatever you do, don't go to Silent Hill. I promised your mother I'd keep you safe, but I failed.

I know you think we're running from the police because of the man I killed in Portland those years ago, but the truth is, he wasn't just a random thief: He was sent to take you back to Silent Hill. He was a member of the Order; these people want you, they need you. I don't know why, but they'll do everything in their power to draw you back. You must resist it.

I tried to keep you safe, and I never meant to lie to you but I had to. You'll find the truth in my notebooks, as much as I could find out. I hope that when you read what I've learned, you can finally begin to understand who you really are. Please forgive me for not telling the truth-I did it to protect you.

I love you, Sharon."
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