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For God's sake, I'm trying to find my wife!
— Chris expressing his concern over Rose's disappearance

Christopher "Chris" Da Silva, alias Harry Mason, is a character from the Silent Hill film and Silent Hill: Revelation. Chris is the husband of Rose Da Silva and adoptive father of Sharon Da Silva.

In the second film, Chris's role is similar to that of Harry Mason from Silent Hill 3.


Not much is known about Chris's past, other than that he is a successful Ohio businessman. Chris's lack of backstory is likely due to the fact that he was never meant to be a major character in the film originally.[3]


Sharon, Christopher, and Rose.

Sometime prior to the events of the film, Chris's adoptive daughter, Sharon, begins sleepwalking. Her sleepwalking episodes become more and more traumatic, as she makes desperate attempts during these fugues to get to a place called Silent Hill, which she refers to as "home". Chris and Rose take Sharon to doctors and psychiatrists, hoping to solve her problem before she causes any real harm to herself. Despite the many doctors, tests, and medicines, the source of Sharon's illness remains elusive, leaving Chris to decide that Sharon must be institutionalized for her own safety.

Silent Hill


Chris with his family.

After a dramatic sleepwalking episode that almost saw Sharon throw herself over the edge of a cliff, Chris's wife, Rose, becomes desperate to help her child. Despite Chris's objections, Rose flees with Sharon, heading to the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia. He desperately tries to stop her, even cutting off her credit cards to keep her from getting to her destination. When Chris is finally able to reach Rose by phone, he tries to tell her that he loves her and Sharon, but Rose huffily ends the conversation. Chris leaves his hometown soon after, intent on finding Rose and Sharon, and bringing them home.

Chris stops by a gas station in Brahams and bribes the attendant to give him directions to Silent Hill. Soon after, he arrives at a bashed in gate leading to the town. He learns that Rose bashed in the gate with her car the previous night, in her desperate bid to reach the town. Chris is introduced to the detective in charge of the case, Thomas Gucci. Officer Gucci initially attempts to be pleasant with Chris, but Chris is distraught, and pleads with Gucci to help him find Rose, although he makes no mention of Sharon.


Chris reacts with confusion after sensing Rose's presence.

Chris and Officer Gucci decide to go to Silent Hill, and search the town for Rose. During the car ride through the town, Gucci suggests that he thinks Rose is "damned mad" at Chris. Their search leads them to Midwich Elementary School, where Chris calls out to Rose. At the same time that Chris is in the school's courtyard, Rose is as well, but she's trapped in the Otherworld, an alternate reality disconnected from the real world, and so cannot see or hear Chris. Despite that they are in different realities, Chris senses Rose as she runs past. He turns to see the door behind Gucci mysteriously open and close by itself; then races into the school and calls desperately for Rose, but she cannot hear him, and he can't hear her. Officer Gucci becomes convinced that the fumes of the coal mine fire are making Chris hallucinate, and he leads him from the school. As they leave the town, Chris accuses Officer Gucci of hiding something from him, and threatens to return. Officer Gucci tells him to let the town's history rest in peace.

That night, Chris breaks into the Toluca County Archives to look through Silent Hill's police records, believing that there is a secret that might help him find Rose hidden there. While looking through the records, he finds one with Officer Gucci's name on it. Curious, he flips it open and reads Officer Gucci's report detailing a 9-year-old child who was burned alive as a witch in the town 30 years before. Chris is nonplussed, and continues to read the report, uninterested in the story of the child. In the back of the folder, he discovers the girl's picture. He is shocked to see that the girl, Alessa Gillespie, is identical to Sharon. Chris then calls the Toluca County Orphanage, asking for information about Sharon.


Chris irritably walks away from Officer Gucci.

He goes to the orphanage, and confronts a nun named Sister Margaret. He shows her the picture of Alessa, and asks if Alessa might be Sharon's birth mother. The nun becomes distraught at the sight of Alessa's picture, and cries out: "The story isn't hers alone, but all of ours!". Irritated with Sister Margaret's cryptic words, Chris grabs her violently and demands to know what she's hiding. Officer Gucci arrives then, and arrests Chris for breaking and entering at the archives, and for assaulting Sister Margaret. As with the nun, Officer Gucci is clearly affected by the picture of Alessa. He sits Chris down and tells him that he's either of going to go to jail, or return home. He tells Chris that a group of religious fanatics did terrible things to Alessa, and that he was told the girl died that same night. He drives Chris to a spot near his home, and then allows him to leave.

The next morning, the phone at the Da Silva house begins to ring. Chris hastily answers, calling out for Rose. Though it is Rose on the other end of the line, all Chris hears is static, due to Rose still being in a separate reality. Chris hangs up and then takes a nap on the couch. He wakes up suddenly to find that the door to the house has mysteriously opened by itself. He runs to the door and checks the driveway for Rose's car, but he finds nothing. Dejected, he returns to the house.

Silent Hill: Revelation


Chris reuniting with Sharon.

Some time later, Rose appeared to Chris in a mirror and told him that she located a mysterious artifact, the Seal of Metatron, to bring Sharon out of Silent Hill's realm. Chris reunited with Sharon, but the child lost her memories. To give his daughter a normal life, Chris told her that her adoptive mother simply died in a car accident.


An Order member attempts to abduct Sharon.

Two years before Revelation, Chris and Sharon were attacked in Portland by a member of the Order, a religious cult who wants to kidnap Sharon. In self-defense, Chris killed him, and the two began constantly moving. To this end, Chris dyed Sharon's hair blonde, and re-named her Heather. For himself, Chris chose the name Harry Mason. At the time of Revelation, Chris and Heather recently moved into a new house, and Chris is currently unemployed.


Chris hugging Heather before her birthday.

When Heather is on the verge of turning eighteen, she experiences demonic nightmares. In one of them, Chris is stabbed and dismembered by a female monster. Worried, Chris simply tells her that they are nothing more than dreams, and reminds her never to go to Silent Hill. As a birthday present, Chris gives Heather a white vest, then hugs his daughter goodbye.

On the way to her new high school, Heather is stalked by a detective, who has been hired by the Order to find her. She makes plans to meet Chris at the mall, but Chris is kidnapped by the Order as he tries to leave the house. Upon returning home, Heather discovers her father's disappearance, and heads to Silent Hill with Vincent Cooper to find him. During the car ride, Heather reads a letter left behind by Chris.


Chris and Heather watching Red Pyramid fight Claudia.

In Silent Hill, Chris is being held hostage by Claudia Wolf, who resents him due to the fact that he has kept Sharon hidden from the Order for years. He is seen being tied to a large statue of Valtiel. Chris and Vincent meet, and Vincent later tells Heather that Chris is in the sanctuary beneath the amusement park. When Heather discovers Chris in the sanctuary, Claudia refuses to release Harry, as they planned to feed the newborn god with his blood. Claudia attempts to kill her, but Red Pyramid comes to Heather's defense, and kills Claudia.

After Chris is rescued by Heather, he chooses to remain in Silent Hill's alternate reality to search for Rose, whose whereabouts are still unknown.


  • "Listen honey, we gotta put Sharon in a hospital. She needs constant care, and she needs the medication."
  • "I smelled her... that was her perfume!"
  • "Rose!? Where are you!?"
  • "That girl, she looks exactly like my daughter. She must be 40 now. Where can I find her?!"
  • "Look Gucci, do you know her? Is that my daughter's birth mother?"
  • "I have to do everything I can."
  • "And that's your definition of justice, huh?"
  • "Just a word of warning, I'll be back with people who know what they're doing."
  • "It's only a dream kiddo."
  • "Promise me that you will never go to Silent Hill."
  • "More will come. It's still a place of lost souls."


  • Chris was originally an unnamed character seen only at the beginning and end of the film, but Sony refused to accept the script until a major male character was added. The characters of Chris and Officer Gucci were then added, along with the subplot of Chris searching for his missing wife.[3]

Chris's appearance was based on that of James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2.

  • Sean Bean was picked for the role specifically because of his physical resemblance to James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2.[5] Aside from appearance, both characters (Chris and James) go to Silent Hill looking for their wives.
    • Revelation goes even further to combine Chris's character with James, ending the film with him choosing to remain in Silent Hill to seek out Rose despite knowing well how dangerous it is.
  • Actor Sean Bean has noted that he likes Chris's house and car.[2]
  • Chris's scenes were specifically made to have a film noir feeling.[6]
  • It is believed by some that Chris may have reported Sharon kidnapped, and that may be the reason why Officer Cybil Bennett stops Rose on her way to Silent Hill.
  • It is notable that Chris never speaks of Sharon when first meeting Officer Gucci, despite that he is clearly upset about Rose being missing. This implies that Chris views Sharon as a problem and cares far more that Rose is missing than that Sharon is. Director Christophe Gans has stated on the official French website that Chris loves Rose more than he loves Sharon.[7] Sean Bean has also said suggested that Sharon is the only problem in Chris's otherwise perfect life.[2]

(French) Dans le film, le couple Rose/Christopher souffre d'un dysfonctionnement. Leur petite fille a un grave problème. Or la femme aime par-dessus tout sa petite fille, alors que le mari aime par-dessus tout sa femme. Cela conduit à la désintégration de cette famille et c'est sur ce sentiment de perte, de gachis, que repose beaucoup le film.

(English) In the film, the couple Rose/Christopher suffers a malfunction. Their little girl has a serious problem. But the woman loves above all her little girl, while the husband loves above all his wife. This leads to the disintegration of this family and it is this feeling of loss, mess, that relies heavily on film.

  • The original script suggests Chris is a professor,[8] however, this is contradicted by interviews with Sean Bean, in which he states he is a "successful businessman".

The promotional flyer.

  • According to a promotional flyer posted by the official Facebook page for Silent Hill: Revelation, Chris's age is 32 at the time of Revelation's events. However, this is very unlikely, as this would mean that Chris was fourteen when he and Rose adopted Sharon. It is likely that the poster is simply a reference to his video game incarnation, who was 32 during the events of the first Silent Hill game.
  • Chris tells Sharon that the reason he named her "Heather" was because the namesake came from his grandmother.
  • Though he continues to ignore his daughter's obsession of knowing her true identity, Chris has become an adept father and caregiver to the young woman he continues to not understand. This ordeal is relevant, as he chose to search for Rose instead of escaping Silent Hill with Sharon and Vincent. This is a complete reversal of Chris's behavior in the original Silent Hill, which depicted him as not caring for Sharon.
  • In the original script of Revelation, Chris/Harry dies, like he is supposed to in Silent Hill 3. When Heather returns home, Harry dies, killed by the Order. However, he is apparently "revived" in the Otherworld like a ghost, while dead in the real world. The final version of Revelation changes this entirely, making Chris kidnapped instead of killed, for unknown reasons.


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Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Revelation

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