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This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Homecoming puzzle.

The Church Organ Puzzle is a puzzle found within the Church of the Holy Way in Silent Hill: Homecoming. It is located in front of a large pipe organ; however, the actual organ itself is not the puzzle, but is the passageway. It must be solved in order to obtain the Shepherd family ring and to gain access to the Order's underground lair.

The player must first unlock the mechanism in the center of the organ with the ceremonial dagger. This will open the gates in order for the player to explore the rest of the church, and then five plates must be collected from around the facility and placed in the correct positions to solve the puzzle. Once solved, the organ will open, revealing Adam Shepherd and the passageway behind him.

Five Plates

In the organ puzzle are five separate descriptions: Penitence, Vengeance, Desire, Sorrow, and Sacrifice. These descriptions indicate where each of the five plates belong. These five plates are scattered around the church and must be collected.

Kneeling Man Plate

Symbolic for: Penitence

This plate is found on the church's second floor, above the East Wing. To obtain it, the player must first speak to the man in the confession booth and will then find it immediately after his departure. The plate depicts a man kneeling, arching backwards. It is a position implying a desire for forgiveness.

Sword Plate

Symbolic for: Vengeance

This plate, showing a sword, is found directly in front of the stained glass windows on the loft above the organ. To obtain it, the player simply picks up the plate beneath the middle window. The window pane depicts a knight being impaled by an executioner and another figure viewing the sight in horror. Immediately after obtaining the plate, a Siam will appear, and Alex will fall down to the main hall, and the player will then be confronted by two Siams.

Tree Plate


The painting.

Symbolic for: Desire

This plate is found on the second floor of the church past the West Wing. To obtain it, the player must cut through the painting of the man; behind the painting is the plate. Immediately after obtaining it, the player must eliminate an incoming Schism. If the player cuts through the other two paintings, they will be confronted with Swarm. The three large paintings depict a woman holding flowers, a dying tree, and a man pursuing the woman. The plate depicts a tree. It could represent the tree of knowledge from the Bible, in which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from. The plate representing desire likely comes from the curiosity and falling to sin as a consequence.

Candle Plate

Symbolic for: Sorrow

This plate, depicting a candle, is found on the statue in the West Wing. To fetch it, the player must first obtain the unlit candle on the second floor of the East Wing, and then set the candle before the statue. It will then move its arms, revealing its woeful face, and allows Alex to take the plate. After obtaining the candle and before obtaining the plate, the player will be confronted by two Schisms. Considering it was obtained from a somber statue within a church, it could represent mourning.

Chalice Plate

Symbolic for: Sacrifice

This plate, which has a chalice on it, is found within the East Wing, on top of a corpse in the baptism font. To obtain it, the player must turn a valve and eliminate the Swarm immediately afterwards. It could represent a sacrifice, like the blood of Christ in the Christian religion.


  • The image of the Penitence plate resembles the position of the Lurker in the game. Both of them arch backwards in a similar manner. The Lurker also appears to be wrapped and bound up, making the plate symbolize Adam Shepherd being bound by his duty.
  • The position of the sorrowful statue resembles the Schism. Both of their arms are twisted at an odd angle.
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