Cutting Room Floor

Achievement (Cutting Room Floor).


Murphy in one of the movies. Literally.

Cinéma Vérité is a sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. To start this sidequest, Murphy Pendleton must enter the Chastain Heights Cinema on Lamon St. Inside the cinema is a large screen room and on the second floor is a broken projector.

Quest Solution

The first part of this quest is to find all three of the film reels and a bulb for the movie projector. The location of all these items differs slightly, depending on the difficulty.

The first item to find is the "House on the Lake" film reel. There are two possible locations where this can be found:

  • On easy and normal, the film reel can be found on the coat-check counter in the lobby.
  • However, if the game is on hard, it can be found in a small room behind a concession counter.

The second item to find is "The Silent Children" film reel. Like the last film reel, there are two possible locations where it can be located:

  • On easy and normal, the film reel can be found in a toilet stall in the restrooms.
  • However, if the game is on hard, it can be found behind some seats in the showing room.

The third item is another film reel, "The Secret in the Attic". However, unlike the previous two reels, it's found in the same location on all difficulties; in the film storage room adjacent from the projector. The fourth and final item needed is the replacement bulb. Much like two of the film reels, the difficulty changes the location:

  • On easy mode, the bulb can be found in the poster storage room located at the back of the cinema.
  • If the game is on normal or hard, it can be located on a shelf behind a counter in the Hardware Store, which is located east of St. Maria's Monastery.

After all these items have been found, return to the projector room and use the replacement bulb on the projector. This will then restore it back to working order. The next step is to unlock the door located next to the projector, this will require a code that needs to be entered into the keypad. To get this code, Murphy will have to use each film reel that has been collected on the projector allowing him to "enter" that film via the screen and find the code.


Murphy in the "House on the Lake".

First use the "House on the Lake" film reel on the projector and then enter via the theater screen. When in the film, enter the house in the center and go to the end of the hall and into a small room. In this room, the number "9" will be on the wall; take note and leave the film.


Murphy in "The Silent Children".

Once back in the cinema, replace the film reel with the "The Silent Children" and once again enter the theater screen. Once in the film; explore the house and there should be a corner near a ladder which has the number "24" etched onto the wall; take note and leave the film.


Murphy in "The Secret of the Attic".

Replace the reel with the final film, the "The Secret of the Attic" and enter the film. In this film, go to the third room and read the number "1" written in dust on the window; with all the numbers finally found, combine them together to get the code "9241"; exit the film and then input the number into the keypad and enter the small room. In here, combine all three film reels using the splicing machine to combine the reels. Use this spliced reel on the projector and for the last time, enter the theater screen.

Now enter the house and head down the hallway and enter the door on the left. On the window on the far side, there is a wooden crank. Then head all the way down the hallway and enter the large room; within which on the far side, there will be a jack-in-the-box. Use the wooden crank to open it and receive a key. Next, climb up the ladder beside the number '24'. In the attic is a large trunk, which can be opened using the key. Inside is a golden gun and some ammo. Exit the film to finish the sidequest.



House in the film, Murphy's house as seen in a flashback, a house near the Bogeyman fight area.

  • Completing the sidequest unlocks the achievement/trophy, "Cutting Room Floor."
  • The house featured in the sidequest is identical to Murphy Pendleton's house that is seen during flashback sequences of him and Charlie playing together and a house in the forest where Murphy awakes after St. Maria's Monastery. The full title of the film, "The Secret of the Child at the Lake," is likely a reference to Charlie's murder.
  • Cinéma vérité refers to a style of documentary filmmaking in which a subject is observed with little to no stylistic expression or filmmaker interaction such as interviewing, a "fly-on-the-wall" approach. This might be in reference to Murphy exploring his "memory" of Charlie's death without being able to change anything.


"House on the Lake"

"The Silent Children"

"The Secret of the Attic"

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