Cine-Real Theater is a cinema in Toluca Mall that Harry Mason visits in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Depending on the player's Psych Profile, four different movies may be playing: The Dancer, Mother Dearest, Good Poison, or Together Forever. The signs and posters in the building change accordingly, as well as the message if Harry calls the theater.

There is a memento in the toy machine and a few arcade games such as Contra and Rush'n Attack. Harry will comment that there are "some real classics" here. Onscreen, a few different home movies of Cheryl Mason and/or Harry will play, depending on the ending.


The posters, the sign outside the cinema and the Cine-Fone message are all subject to change.

  • Together Forever - The posters inside will show two hands clasping each other.

Welcome to Cine-Fone. Take a listen to the forthcoming features in your area. Together Forever. True love against all odds. Two star-crossed lovers fight to be together. Their passion, their story. [woman's voice] "Kiss me. Kiss me like it's the first kiss you've ever tasted." [man's voice] "Your lips are all I know." Movie audiences across America have taken this couple to their hearts. A romance for our times. Together Forever. Rated PG-13.

  • Mother Dearest - The poster inside will show a woman and child smiling.

Welcome to Cine-Fone. Have a listen to the forthcoming features in your area. Dearest Mother. She was the perfect mother, in search of the perfect opportunity to shine. [woman's voice] "You've been the best mom. Now it's your turn to live your life." This heartwarming tale will lift the spirits of families everywhere, with a story of love and strength in the face of adversity. Rated PG-13.

  • The Dancer - The posters inside will show dancing people.

Welcome to Cine-Fone. Have a listen to the forthcoming features in your area. The Dancer. She had a body, and she needed to use it. Sweat. Tears. Lipstick. [man's voice] "The way you dance. It's like you wanna screw everyone in the audience." [woman's voice] "You wish. Dancing is better than sex." [man's voice] "You've never slept with me." [woman's voice] "You've never danced with me." Audiences across America are sweating in the theaters watching The Dancer, one of the hottest movies ever to be screened in public theaters. The Dancer is this week's major movie turn-on. Rated R.

  • Good Poison - The posters inside will show a man smoking.

Welcome to Cine-Fone. Take a listen to the forthcoming features in your area. Good Poison. After the first taste, you're hooked. [man's voice] "It's like nothin' you've ever tried before. It's 0 to 60 in a second!" From an early age, Stevie Moss found himself surrounded by bad influences. [woman's voice] "Go on, Stevie, let's get high then get nasty!" And he made the most of them. A tale of our times. A story about being bad and getting away with it. Audiences around America are getting buzzed on Good Poison. Rated R.


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