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Claudia's diary.

Claudia's Diary is a memo found in Silent Hill 3. It is located on a bookshelf on Claudia Wolf's bedroom at the chapel.

The diary explains that Claudia had indeed heard of Alessa Gillespie's sacrifice, but did not quite understand why it was done so soon. However, she would love to see her god reborn.

From an unknown pastor, Claudia received a mythology book about how to awaken God, though she finds it too cruel and contemplates how she will do it when she meets Alessa's reincarnation.

She later reads about slavery, which she strongly dislikes, as she hates to be a bystander to anyone's pain.


November 10
She didn't die then; she was born.
I knew that for a fact.
But then why haven't I found her
yet? They were supposed to need
her power to build Paradise, for the
happiness of the people.
She was supposed to be reborn
for that.
I'd really like to see her.
November 14
Read "The Book of Praise".
I want to thank Father for lending me
such an invaluable book.
I found what I'd been searching for
in there — how to awaken God.
But it's much too cruel.
Will I be able to pull it off when
I see her?
November 16
I was free all day, so I read "A
Modern History of Refugees" and
"Young Slaves: Child Exploitation".
I don't want to be a mere bystander
in this world. I can't do anything
now, though, and that's what's hard.
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