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It is your destiny. You have been chosen many years ago to be the vessel. The God can only be born through your flesh, and then we will be free from this prison, to cleanse the world of its sins!
— Claudia revealing her motives to Heather

Claudia Wolf is a character and main antagonist in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Claudia is the mother of Vincent Cooper and daughter of Leonard Wolf. There is a chance Vincent is her adoptive son and not biological son, although no official information has clarified this.

Claudia also refers to Christabella as her "sister", possibly implying a biological relationship.


Claudia is the priestess of a cult known as the Order, who wants to use a girl gifted with unnatural powers to birth their god. To this end, Alessa Gillespie was burned alive by Claudia's sister, Christabella, with the intention of impregnating her after the burning.

However, the cult had underestimated Alessa's powers, and she instead became filled with hate, causing her to create an alternate reality, in which she trapped the cultists, who were forced to hide from her dark side. While Christabella and the Brethren hid in the church, Claudia and her own followers hid in a secret sanctuary beneath Lakeside Amusement Park.

Claudia began making plans to destroy Alessa so they could escape the alternate reality and succeed in birthing god. To that end, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, who she intended to use to lure the good side of Alessa back to Silent Hill, West Virginia, who Dark Alessa had sent to the real world to live the happy life Alessa never had.

Thirty years after Alessa's burning, Dark Alessa called her good side (now a nine year old girl named Sharon Da Silva) back to Silent Hill. When Christabella captured Sharon and attempted to burn her, Sharon's adoptive mother, Rose Da Silva, helped Alessa and Dark Alessa to enter the church and slaughter the cultists responsible for Alessa's suffering. Once the massacre was complete, Rose took Sharon from Silent Hill, and some time later used half of the Seal of Metatron to send her back to the real world. However, Claudia and the Order still lived, and after the destruction of the Brethren, made plans to bring Sharon back and use her to destroy Alessa once and for all.

At some point between Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation, Claudia performed a ritual on one of her followers to send him to the real world in order to retrieve Sharon. Unfortunately, the plan failed when Sharon's adoptive father, Christopher Da Silva, killed the man in self defense. Chris then took Sharon and went on the run.

The Order's Rite of Passage

Claudia performing a ritual on Vincent.

When Claudia's son, Vincent, reached the age of eighteen, the same age as Sharon, Claudia performed a ritual on him to allow him to enter the real world, involving cutting the Halo of the Sun into his chest, so he could bring Sharon back himself. In the meantime, she hired a private investigator named Douglas Cartland to find Alessa's good side. He eventually turned on her when he learned of her true motives, but not before revealing Sharon's location, enabling Vincent to enroll in the same school as her.

In the meantime, Claudia believed her father and former leader of the Order, Leonard Wolf, had become tainted by Alessa's evil. She had him sent to Brookhaven Asylum, where he was chained up and abandoned. However, Claudia had also been tainted, and was in fact even worse than Leonard, something he was very aware of. It is unclear if she was aware of this, but considering that most of her monster form's appearances had her attacking people who betrayed her, it is likely that she was aware but hides it from her followers.

Silent Hill: Revelation


Claudia as the Missionary.

Once Douglas had informed Claudia of Heather (Sharon's current alias) and Harry's location, she had Harry abducted from their house and taken to the sanctuary beneath the amusement park and tied him to a large statue of Valtiel, with the intention of using his blood to feed their god once it was born. Since Sharon could only enter the alternate reality of her own free will, they don't kill him immediately. Instead, they use him as bait to lure Sharon back to Silent Hill.

Claudia made her first appearance in a monstrous form known as the Missionary when Douglas realized exactly who he was working for and followed Sharon to the local shopping mall to warn her. The transformed Claudia attacked in the middle of their conversation, slicing off Douglas's fingers with her arm blade. Douglas and Sharon fled into an elevator, but the Missionary pursues and attempts to cut through the roof of the descending elevator. She disappears momentarily when the elevator stops, but suddenly appears just as Heather steps outside and drags Douglas through the roof. Though it isn't shown, she kills Douglas off-screen as punishment for his betrayal.

Claudia would soon be betrayed again, this time by her own son. Though he had been raised under his mother's belief that Alessa was a demon, the time he spent with Heather had made him realize that she wasn't as evil as his mother made her out to be. In the motel on the outskirts of Silent Hill, he decided that he couldn't go through with his mission and told Heather the truth about himself. Heather's furious reaction, combined with her connection to Alessa, caused the Otherworld to consume the motel and its surroundings. Claudia appeared once again in monster form, snatching Vincent and knocking Heather unconscious.

Claudia Wolf in Revelation 3D

Claudia holding Chris hostage.

Claudia took Vincent back to the sanctuary, where in human form she angrily confronted him for his betrayal. When Vincent insisted that Heather wasn't evil, Claudia deemed him insane, like Leonard. Though the other Order members called for Vincent to be burned, Claudia decided to be more merciful, as despite his betrayal Vincent had succeeded in retrieving Heather. She instead has Vincent imprisoned in the asylum to have his mind 'repaired', 'mended' and 'cured'. Vincent escaped from the asylum with Heather's aid, and led her to the amusement park where the sanctuary was located. Vincent allowed himself to be chased by the Order's enforcers to lead them away from Heather, and eventually be recaptured and taken back to the sanctuary.

Once Heather defeated Alessa and merged with her, she made her way to the sanctuary where Claudia, her followers, and a captive Vincent and Harry awaited her. When Heather angrily demanded to know what Claudia's motives were, Claudia explained that by using Heather's body as an incubator, they would birth their god and 'cleanse' the world of its sins. She also refused to release Harry, as they planned to feed the newborn god with his blood.


Claudia transforms into the Missionary.

Claudia proceeded to place her hand on Heather's shoulder, which somehow had the effect of weakening her, making her collapse to her knees. Unknown to Claudia, Red Pyramid, Alessa's guardian and executioner, sensed this incapacitating effect on Heather and began making his way to her location. Claudia then ordered Heather to give her the fully formed Seal of Metatron, which she had taken from Leonard, so she could summon the god. Having learned of its ability to reveal the 'true nature of things', Heather willingly holds it out to her, wanting to see the truth of what Claudia is. Claudia took the artifact, but to her horror it began transforming her upon contact. As her followers fled in terror, Claudia transformed once more into the Missionary.


Red Pyramid decapitates the Missionary.

The Missionary attempted to attack Heather, only for Red Pyramid to intercept with his own blade. A violent battle ensued between the two monsters, circled by a ring of fire. Though the Missionary was able to wound Red Pyramid significantly, slashing and piercing his torso and at one point actually piercing his helmet, Red Pyramid won the battle with a powerful horizontal swing, decapitating Claudia and slicing off one arm at the same time. With Claudia's death, the Order's power was destroyed for good.

Relation to the Gillespies

The first film implies Christabella is the sister of Dahlia Gillespie and the aunt of Alessa.

Following this canon, that would make Claudia also the sister of Dahlia and aunt of Alessa. It is possible that Claudia simply never mentioned being related to Dahlia or Alessa due to the shame of Alessa's "evil". However, it is most likely that this relationship was retconned in Revelation, given that it would make Vincent and Sharon/Heather cousins.



Concept art of Claudia in white from Silent Hill 3.

  • Vincent is Claudia's son, but it is never explained who Claudia's partner (and Vincent's father) is.
  • Claudia wears a white robe instead of her signature black outfit seen in Silent Hill 3. This resembles one of Claudia's concept art designs for the game.
  • Like her game counterpart, Claudia does not have eyebrows in order to make her expressions more difficult to tell.
  • In the game series, Dahlia is an evil character and Claudia is a sympathetic character, who wants to birth the god to bring Paradise, so that no one will suffer as she has. These character traits are swapped for both characters in the film series. Instead of Claudia loving Alessa, Claudia hates Alessa and wants to kill her so that she and her cult can be free from Alessa's torment. There is no mention of Claudia being Alessa's childhood friend, nor of her being abused by her father or outcast by her peers as a child, as is mentioned in the game. Rather, it can be seen that Claudia abused her father by sending him to the asylum, and was quick to abuse her son as well when he disobeyed her.
  • It is never explained how Claudia knew of Sharon's existence.
  • It is possible that Claudia had special powers like her video game counterpart: during her confrontation with Heather, Claudia put her hand on Heather's shoulder twice, which seemed to have a slightly incapacitating effect.
  • In Revelation's original script, Claudia and Leonard replace the role of Christabella from the first film entirely, and no mention is ever made of the previous film's antagonist. In the script, Claudia is seen beating and spitting on a man who doesn't agree with her religious views, and later, she and Leonard stand outside the window of the Gillespie house, watching as Alessa is burned alive inside. This stands in stark contrast to the canon of the first film, in which Alessa is burned inside a Sacrificial Chamber hidden within the Grand Hotel, presided over by Christabella, with no mention of either Claudia or Leonard.


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