Closed case memo found in the Public Records Office.

The Closed Case memo from Silent Hill: Origins can be found in the Public Records Office. It refers to an unspecified complaint (from an unknown source, possibly K. Gordon) regarding Dahlia Gillespie's treatment of her daughter, Alessa Gillespie. Investigation into the matter by both an unnamed officer and Dr. Michael Kaufmann resulted in the dismissal of the complaint on the grounds that no evidence of any mistreatment of the child was found by either the officer or the doctor.


"...because of the concerns expressed
by her teacher, it was important to
fully look into the matter. The
officer spoke with Mrs. Gillespie
and her daughter and saw no
evidence of any neglect or abuse.
He felt that Mrs. Gillespie seemed
a model parent, bringing her daughter
up in a strict, religious household.

Further, in order to satisfy the
complainant's request, we had
Dr. Kaufmann from Alchemilla speak
with the girl alone. He said that
any talk of rituals or cults were
simple 'childish fantasies'. Mrs.
Gillespie's only crime, in his eyes,
was having read her daughter too many
fairy tales. We have closed the complaint."
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