Coin (Prisoner)
The Prisoner Coin
"Large coin imprinted with image of a prisoner. Found it in the west apartment building."
One of the three coins needed to solve the Coin Puzzle
Room 109, 1F Blue Creek Apartments
Coin (Old Man), Coin (Snake)
Silent Hill 2

The Prisoner Coin is a puzzle item found in Room 109 on the first floor of the Blue Creek Apartments in Silent Hill 2. After the cutscene with Angela Orosco and obtaining her knife, James Sunderland can find the coin on the nearby nightstand.

The coin is one of three that must be used to solve the Coin Puzzle in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments. The puzzle yields a room key when solved, which can be used to enter Room 209 on the second floor.


The coin may represent Angela, as upon closer investigation in his inventory James will comment, "This prisoner looks like a woman." The woman on the coin appears blindfolded and has a hairstyle similar to Angela's. Also, the coin is found in the confined room where James finds Angela pondering suicide. Angela is also known for her childish speaking ("Mama") and abusive childhood, and just outside the room children's toys, such as a stuffed bear, can be found and examined by James.


The text around the edge of the coin is rōmaji (romanized Japanese) encoded in the Greek alphabet via the Script font. The decrypted text reads:

tatsuki ga kyonen no ju[u]nigat[s]u ni umaremashita
(Tatsuki was born in December of last year)

The "Tatsuki" aforementioned is speculated to be the son of a Team Silent member. A further list of similarly encoded names can be found on the Snake Coin.

"Tatsuki" is also written on Maria's pills.

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