The door with four plates missing.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill puzzle.

In the Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital, Harry Mason finds a door with eight square indents, designed to hold square plates. Four plates of various colors are already inserted into the door, while the other four are scattered about the hospital. All eight plates are of different colors and need to be inserted into the correct slots to unlock the door. The only clue to their order can be found in the adjacent poem.


There is a poem by the door. Each sentence of the poem represents a color:

Clouds flowing over a hill. (Clouds are white)
Sky on a sunny day. (The sky is blue)
Tangerines that are bitter. (Tangerines are orange)
Lucky four-leaf-clover. (Clovers are green)
Violets in the garden. (Violets are purple)
Dandelions along a path. (Dandelions are yellow)
Unavoidable sleeping time. (When one sleeps/closes their eyes, everything is black)
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist. (The liquid from a slashed wrist is blood, which is red)

If the player removes the sentences and only looks at the colors, this poem can be turned into a list of colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red


Plate solved

The plate puzzle solved.

The plates in Harry's inventory also have colors:

Between every two plates on the door is an empty slot. In order to find out what plate goes between each two plates, Harry must look at the two colors beside the empty slot and then look at the list to find out what is between them. For example, between white and orange on the list is blue, thus he would put the Plate of Turtle (the blue plate) between white and orange. When all the plates are put on the door, the solution is:

  • Top left = Red
  • Top right = Blue
  • Bottom left = Yellow
  • Bottom right = Green

The door will now be unlocked.



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