Murder? Betrayal? Sacrifice? This vessel is riddled with wounds.
—Samael comments on the condition of the borrowed body of Connie Mills

Connie Mills was a resident of Ashton, Vermont, but was abducted and taken to Silent Hill, where she was prepared as an empty vessel to receive the essence of Samael, a god-like entity from another realm of existence.


Connie began a relationship with actor Kenneth Carter. Though she knew him before his fame, the pair became a couple when Kenneth arrived in Ashton to shoot footage for a film he was starring in. The exact circumstances of their relationship, both before and after Kenneth rose to fame as an actor, is unknown. At one point, Connie became pregnant with Kenneth's child; however, she eventually chose to abort the pregnancy. The exact reason Connie opted for an abortion is never disclosed.

Outside of her love life, Connie collects bugs and reads books about geisha.


Connie stands with a neighbor as the supermarket undergoes strange changes.

Through her relationship with Kenneth, Connie was left with a damaged emotional state. She believed that, though she loved Kenneth with all of her being, that love cost her a small piece of her soul as well as her unborn child. It was these traits that made Connie the prime subject in one of Whately's plans to bring Samael into the mortal realm. Connie was abducted by the witch Lenora and taken to Silent Hill. Once there, she was prepared for "he who waits", revealed to be Kenneth Carter. Kenneth, through the providence of his birth, was fated to destroy the empty vessel that would bear the essence of Samael into the world of man. Connie, through her relationship with Kenneth, was fated to be the empty vessel that would receive the essence of Samael.

With the death of Connie's body, it was hoped that Samael would be able to fully integrate herself into the mortal realm, which would allow her to shape reality as she saw fit.



Connie, as she is prepared for things to come.


Connie stands alongside Kenneth and Bear as the three live their new life.

Connie was discussing the latest tabloid headline involving Kenneth with a neighbor, when she was abducted before her neighbor's eyes by monsters and delivered to Lenora in Silent Hill. Under Lenora's watchful eye, Connie's soul was walled off from the physical world, as this would allow Samael to infiltrate and control her body. Once all preparations were complete, Lenora had Connie taken to a large clock tower standing somewhere within Silent Hill, where the two awaited the arrival of Kenneth (who had also been abducted and brought to Silent Hill). Once the actor (with Ike Isaacs and Christabella LaRoache in tow) was brought before Lenora and the catatonic Connie, he was made aware of her situation and the fact that only Lenora's will or the physical death of Connie's body would restore her.

Kenneth was also told that, before midnight came to Silent Hill, he would have to murder either Connie, his dog Bear (who followed him to Silent Hill), or Christabella. Failure to kill any of them would result in the death of all three. Christabella, who had been standing by, refused to allow such a thing and tried to kill Lenora with an item called a Keris Dagger, but the assault failed. Christabella fled afterwards and Lenora, as punishment for allowing Christabella to behave in such a way, told Kenneth that she had foreseen Connie as being the one he would eventually kill. Like Christabella, Kenneth refused to let Lenora have her way, and tried to kill the witch with an axe that he had found. As he prepared to strike, the axe missed Lenora and Connie vanished from sight.

Sometime later, Samael was able to finally cross into the realm of mortal man, and began to run amok through Silent Hill in Connie's body. As events reached their climax, Kenneth (with moral support from the specter of his father and Lauryn LaRoache), attacked Connie with the same axe he used to try and kill Lenora. Though it had been hoped that the death of Connie's body would give Samael complete control over the mortal realm, Samael was (presumably) killed and reality was restructured in a manner that placed all those individuals who had a hand in the events occurring in Silent Hill were given the life they would most benefit from.

Because Kenneth had killed Connie's body out of love, the two were given a new life together. Though Connie had no recollection of her old past, Kenneth still retained some memory of it, but was content with settling into his new life with Connie.

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