The construction notice.

The Construction Notice is a notice Travis Grady finds in Silent Hill: Origins. Travis can find the note in the first floor lounge area of Alchemilla Hospital. It details the construction being done to the hospital and an upcoming staff party.



As you know, the renovations to the
upper floors have run into
problems! The plumbing leak and
substandard materials used have
forced us to close off the third
floor until further notice. We are
reminded of the familiar adage:
'you get what you pay for!' We now
face six more months of work,
reducing our capacity for the coming year.

We will have to cut spending on inpatient
care and consultancy fees by 50%! Therefore
we ask doctors to refrain from committing
patients and encourage home stays instead.
Unless they are dying in your arms,
don't book 'em in!

Worry not! The staff party is still on
(our recreation budget is locked away where
no one can tamper!). Everyone meet at Annie's Bar
at 8pm on Friday. Alcohol (medicinal of course!)
and food will be free. Arrive early to grab a trainee nurse;
they go quick!"
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