It looks like somebody was living here.
—Heather in the Construction Site

The Construction Site is an area briefly explored in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason enters the construction site immediately after exiting the Underpass. Heather must pass through the building and the adjacent Hilltop Center in order to get to her home in Daisy Villa Apartments. The building is apparently in the middle of constructive work; however, the only signs of this are the loose boards, scattered tools, and the outer scaffolding.


Construction Site

Heather after dropping down a floor.

The building consists of five floors, all connected through a single stairwell; however, it is made clear that some floors are restricted due to building damage and active construction. Like most other places in the Fog World, most of the doors are jammed and inaccessible. The only floors Heather actually explores are the fifth and the fourth. The fourth floor isn't accessible through the main stairwell, but Heather manages to drop down to it through a large hole on the floor above.

It is unknown what the building is meant for. Upon examination of various objects, Heather does conclude that people must have been living there before. After accessing the scaffolding outside of the fourth floor, Heather is able to enter Hilltop Center through an open window. The building's proximity to Hilltop Center may suggest it was meant for a similar purpose.


Corpse in the wall

Construction site corpse.

  • There is no map provided for the construction site.
  • In a bathroom, footsteps can be heard.
  • One of the game's secret items, the silencer, can be found. It is located behind a newly-plastered wall on the fifth floor. After breaking the wall using a melee weapon, a corpse can be found within the wall and the silencer can be picked up from the floor.
    • Upon examining it, it reminds Heather of "The Black Cat", a story written by Edgar Allan Poe.
    • The hidden corpse and silencer may be a reference to another Konami game, Metal Gear Solid, as affirmed by the official BradyGames guide, the author (Dan Birlew) of which is often supplied official information by Konami and Team Silent. Some fans believe this is unlikely as Heather already mentioned "The Black Cat", but it's not impossible for it to be a reference to both "The Black Cat" and Metal Gear Solid
    • Another possible nod to Metal Gear Solid concerns the differently colored wall which Heather has to destroy in order to obtain the silencer. Similarly, Metal Gear protagonist Solid Snake must find and destroy a fresher, differently colored wall in Shadow Moses in order to continue his mission.
  • If Heather returns to the construction site, an Insane Cancer will appear out of nowhere.


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