Copper Ring
Cooper ring
A small copper ring
"I found this in the basement of the hospital. It's engraved with a picture of a spider."
Unlocks 3F Stairwell door
"Basement's Basement", Alternate Brookhaven Hospital
Lead Ring
Silent Hill 2

The Copper Ring is one of two rings that is found in the Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2. The ring can be found in the hidden "basement's basement". Apparently, the ring used to belong to one of the hospital's patients, as evidenced by a note left in Room M6:

"I was locked up inside
the basement's basement.
It was so small and dark,
and I was so afraid.
I dropped my precious ring.
But I'll never,
ever go back there."

The ring is used to unlock the third floor stairwell door, as after using the copper ring, and a lead ring on the hands of the "Lady of the Door", the door will unlock.


It is unknown what the Copper Ring symbolizes but it can be theorized it symbolizes Maria, since it is found soon after encountering her. The spider on it may symbolize how James may be caught in Maria's "web". The Lead Ring may symbolize Mary Shepherd-Sunderland.


  • The memo in room M6 for this ring could be a reference to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, as he refers to the One Ring as his "precious". The copper ring bears a heavy resemblance to the One Ring. The basement's basement could also be a reference to Gollum's home, the deep dark cave which he lived in.
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