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Nothing's quite what you expect, is it?
—Cybil Bennett to Harry Mason

Cybil Bennett is a character from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. She is a re-imagining of the character from the main game canon. She has three potential appearances depending on the player's Psych Profile.

Cybil Bennett is a police officer from the town of Silent Hill. She knows both the town and its people. Her father raised her as a dutiful police officer and she takes her job seriously enough to be out on patrol during a major blizzard. Cybil has been a Silent Hill police officer since the age of twenty.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Similar to the original game, she is met in a diner in Silent Hill; if the player goes through the Good Ol' Days bar instead of Diner 52, she is met at Harry Mason's house soon afterward. In her conversation with Harry, Harry realizes that he lives on Levin Street. Suddenly, Cybil receives a transmission about a looting on Finney Street and leaves.

Cybil arrives at the Stewarts' house, where she asks Harry to step down. She acknowledges that, judging from his license bearing that address, things don't add up. Cybil then takes Harry along with her in her police car to the police station to clear things up. However, before they reach the police station, the snow covers the car's windshield and Cybil leaves Harry to find their location; however, she never returns, and Harry leaves the car and heads off into a forest. Later, Cybil phones Harry to ask why he ran off and Harry states that Cybil had abandoned him. Harry decides to head back to Silent Hill and hangs up on Cybil.

On Midwich High School's football field, Cybil phones Harry once again and he fibs to her, telling that his phone's reception went out. Cybil then directs Harry to the high school's gym (which is also used as a shelter during snowstorms) so that she can reunite with Harry. Harry thinks that his daughter could be there, so he agrees but tells her he won't wait if Cheryl's not there. However, when Harry arrives at the gym, Cybil is not present.

Further into the game, after falling into a river due to a collapsed bridge, Harry wakes up at Alchemilla Hospital and is being pushed in a wheelchair by Cybil. She tells Harry the events he described could not have happened, as the bridge has been closed since the storm started, and that he must have swam in the river and could have died. Suddenly, the icy Otherworld reappears and freezes Cybil.

At Lisa Garland's apartment, Cybil suddenly appears, ordering Harry to freeze. Seconds before the nightmare happens again, Cybil tells Harry that she knows that he isn't "Harry Mason", and then she is encased in ice as the nightmare takes over.

At the lighthouse, Cybil saves Harry once again, but he snatches her gun from her holster, saying he will not let her stop him from finding Cheryl. Cybil states that she doesn't understand what is going on, as she looked up his file, which affirms that he was killed 18 years ago in a car crash. Cybil then leaves Harry and walks away.

Depending on the player's Psych Profile, Cybil may state that she's gonna "stick with her gut from now on" or has decided to quit her job as a police officer after dealing with the events of the game.



Brown-haired Cybil, Police Outfit Cybil and Sexualized Cybil.


The brown-haired Cybil has long, loose brown hair. She wears a black police coat with a green tie and green pants. When Harry initially meets her in Diner 52, she is seen drinking a cup of coffee. She will always be seen with the friendly personality and never with the aggressive personality.

This version of Cybil is associated with the "Love Lost" Psych Profile.

It's possible that brown-haired Cybil may have been modeled after Mariska Hargitay, who is most known for playing Detective Olivia Benson on the popular television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Police Outfit

Cybil can also appear in her redesigned police uniform, with a black hat covering her hair, which is pulled into a pony-tail. When Harry initially meets her in Diner 52, she is seen inspecting her handgun before putting it away. She will always be seen with the aggressive personality and never with the friendly personality.

This version of Cybil is associated with both of the "Drunk Dad" or "Wicked and Weak" Psych Profiles.



Cybil smoking in Diner 52.

The sexualized Cybil wears a police uniform without a jacket, reminiscent of her original appearance (blue police shirt, leather pants, and blonde hair). Her police shirt is unbuttoned, showing off her cleavage, despite being in the middle of a freak snowstorm. Cybil's hair is in a bun and she wears a set of stylish sunglasses. When Harry initially meets her in Diner 52, she is smoking. Diner 52 will also have soft, pink lighting theme and a half-naked woman cut-out near the entrance.

Sexualized Cybil can be seen with either the friendly personality or the aggressive personality, and is associated with the "Sleaze and Sirens" Psych Profile.


Cybil can appear with one of two personalities: friendly and aggressive.


If the player responds to Kaufmann's survey as a friendly, caring person, Cybil will appear in either the Diner or outside his house as a friendly police officer who only wishes to help him find Cheryl. Having the friendly Cybil is also influenced by answering "False" on "Working to a plan or schedule is best" from the initial survey.


If the player responds in an uncaring, rude way to Kaufmann's initial survey, Cybil will be more aggressive toward Harry, seeming reluctant to help him find Cheryl and being generally abrasive. She eventually becomes more understanding and apologizes for being a "hardass". Having the aggressive Cybil is also influenced by answering "True" on "Working to a plan or schedule is best" from the initial survey.


Cybil may be an incarnation on Cheryl's side that wants to uncover the truth about who her father really was. Her investigative personality is thought to be an embodiment of a part of Cheryl's mind that doesn't want to live in a world of imagination with a heroic, kind father that possibly never existed. Depending on Cybil's humor (and the player's choices during the game), she can either try to uncover the truth through kind and friendly manners, or aggressive and direct attempts.

Tomm Hulett stated that the characters of Shattered Memories being manifestations is ambiguous. It isn't entirely certain whether or not Cybil is just another mental fantasy created by Cheryl, or someone who actually lives in Silent Hill.


  • "Car stuck in the snow? Need help de-thawing your windshield?"
  • "Lot of people need help tonight. Look around! The whole town is a mess."
  • "Real life's a lot more boring than your stories."
  • "The human brain is a delicate thing, Harry."
  • "No one sane out driving tonight."
  • "Accident? Shut the hell up! You've been feeding me bullshit all night! You bastard."
  • "I'm gonna stick with my gut from now on. Would have saved us a lot of trouble."
  • "First thing tomorrow, I'm going to hand in my badge. I don't think I'm cut out for police work. Not in this town."


  • Three of Cybil's appearances with Harry happen in a deus ex machina manner; the first occurs when she finds Harry unconscious by the river and takes him to Alchemilla Hospital (if Harry drowns instead, Cybil still manages to save Harry). The second is when Cybil finds Harry in Lisa's apartment, and the third is when Cybil is at the lighthouse and pulls Harry out of the lake. Thus, Cybil is considered to be a deus ex machina character.
  • An ironic moment for Cybil is when she finds Harry in Lisa's apartment and, upon discovering Lisa's corpse, orders him to not move, yet afterwards she soon freezes herself upon a shift to the Ice World. Surprisingly, she never acknowledges the incidents that resulted in her freezing.



Police Outfit


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