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"Cybil" refers to multiple subjects. See Cybil for more uses.
Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
—Cybil to Rose Da Silva.

Cybil Bennett is a character in the Silent Hill film. She is a police officer from the town of Brahams, located near Silent Hill, West Virginia. Cybil's role in the film is similar to that of her game counterpart in the first game.


I was born and raised Christian. When I was thirteen, my mother fell ill on a trip to Louisiana. I watched my momma rot away, and I thought — ain't no God would do somethin' horrible like that. Because my mother never complained. She died a Saint. She was a great woman. So, I don't believe in God, and I don't believe in the Devil, or ghosts or goblins. Doesn't make me popular around Brahams.
—Cybil in an unused script scene about her non-belief in supernatural entities[1]

When Cybil was 13 years old, her mother died from an painful illness. This trauma scarred Cybil and she lost her faith in deities and became an atheist who detests religion. Cybil wondered how a divine being could let her mother die and suffer like that in such a horrible, cruel and painful way. She then adopted a very skeptical nature when it comes to the supernatural.

Cybil is somewhat of a lonely woman, without many friends. However, she eventually found her passion and calling in protecting others, especially children, and became a member of the Brahams police force.

Three years before the events of the film, Cybil discovered a young boy who was kidnapped by a man and dropped down a mine vent in Silent Hill. She stayed in the vent with him for three days until a rescue arrived, making her a local hero among the people of Brahams and received a medal of honor.

Silent Hill

Cybil pulls Rose over.

Cybil becomes suspicious when Sharon Da Silva begins to yell and cry in the parking lot of a local gas station. Cybil attempts to question Sharon, but Sharon tells her she doesn't talk to strangers and rolls the window up in her face. Cybil then asks Sharon's mother, Rose Da Silva, if everything is all right, only to be written off by an irritated Rose. Cybil records the license plate number of Rose's jeep and presumably runs the tags.

Cybil also notices that Rose is headed in the direction of Silent Hill and Brahams, but Brahams is a small town and Cybil is from there and Cybil doesn't recognize them. It is possible that after Rose left the gas station, Cybil went inside to talk to the gas station attendant about what Rose asked and realized Rose was going to Silent Hill. It is also possible that Christopher Da Silva called the police about his missing Sharon and phoned a report.

Sometime later, Cybil attempts to stop Rose as she travels to Silent Hill, but Rose suddenly speeds away and the two engage in a high-speed pursuit. The chase ends when Rose swerves to avoid a mysterious child and crashes her car, which subsequently causes Cybil to also crash her motorcycle.

Cybil warning the Armless Man to stay.

Cybil later finds Rose and demands to know where her child is. When Rose claims to not know where Sharon has gone, Cybil arrests her and tries to lead her out of the town, ignoring Rose's claims that something strange is happening in Silent Hill. However, she comes upon a steep drop-off that falls into nothingness, forcing her to try another route to the police station. As she and Rose approach an old car yard, an armless monster approaches them. Cybil shoots the monster with her SIG Sauer P226 after it sprays her with acid spewing from its chest, but Rose runs off, leaving Cybil alone with several more monsters approaching from the car yard.

Cybil follows Rose to Midwich Elementary School, where Rose believes Sharon may be, likely due to finding the "to school" memo in Rose's car. Cybil rescues Rose from a horde of giant beetles with human faces. Cybil and Rose hide in a janitor's closet from a pyramid-headed monster, until the worlds shift again and the Fog World is reinstated.

The two women team up and head to the Grand Hotel, where they discover a secret church hidden behind a painting of a woman being burned alive. Rose disappears in the church, and Cybil finds her in a burned-out sanctuary, claiming to have seen a child named Alessa Gillespie.

Cybil protecting Rose from the cult.

As the Darkness begins to fall again, they run to the main church. Cybil and Rose are initially attacked by a group of religious fanatics, but Cybil fires her last bullet, scaring the church members away. The leader of the cult, Christabella, then attempts to interrogate the women, but Rose insists that she tell them where the "demon" that controls the town is hidden.

Christabella takes Rose and Cybil to Brookhaven Hospital, where she discovers that Sharon is identical to Alessa. The priestess then condemns the two women as witches, and the cult captures and severely beats Cybil until she loses consciousness.


Silent Hill - Cybil's Death Scene (HD)

Cybil being burned alive.

Cybil is returned to the church by the cult members, where she offers words of comfort to a frightened Sharon, before she is burned alive by the cult members. Cybil cries and asks for her mother to be with her as she burns to death.

Rose enters the church and is shocked and repulsed by Cybil's gruesome death, causing her to exclaim "What have you people done?!". After Alessa takes revenge on the cult, Rose tells a distraught Dahlia Gillespie Cybil's words: "Mother is God in the eyes of a child."

Actress's comments

Laurie Holden

Cybil is a woman who grew up in a small town outside of Silent Hill. She’s a bit of a lone wolf, in the sense that her mom died when she was thirteen and there was never really a father around. It was a very religious community, where she grew up, so I think that because her mother was such a woman of faith and she passed away in a really painful way, it really scarred Cybil. And she's kind of denounced any sort of religion just because of what happened to her mom. Because of that, I think that she’s been a bit of an outsider, doesn’t have a lot of friends. But that’s okay for Cybil, because she’s found her calling and that is to serve and protect. And, really, she wants to save children.


  • "You people. You get off the highway from whatever big city, bringing all your sick problems with you."
  • "We had a guy come up here two years ago. Snatched a little boy from a rest stop, dropped him down a mine vent. I never want to see anything like that again."
  • "What the fuck? What the fuck? You saw that right? That was real? What the fuck is going on?!"
  • "They used to say this place was haunted."
  • "What the hell were you doing over there? You're gonna get yourself killed."
  • "She's lucky to have you. Mother is God in the eyes of a child."
  • "Find her." (last words to Rose)
  • "Sharon. Sharon, look at me. Look at me. Don't be afraid. It's okay, it's okay. Your mama's coming."
  • "No! She's just a child! What the fuck is wrong with you people?! Let her go! Leave her alone!"
  • "You're in your own hell."
  • "Mama, be with me..."


  • Like protagonists from the game series, Cybil is seen wielding a flashlight attached to her uniform's shoulder strap that hangs over her chest. Though not the traditional pocket flashlight fitted into the breast pocket, its traits of staying attached during movement remain the same.
  • According to actress Laurie Holden, Cybil always wanted children, but due to her lifestyle, she was unable to have any. This could be referring to her busy, dangerous line of work preventing her from adequately raising a child, or it could allude to the possibility of Cybil being lesbian.
  • Director Christophe Gans repeatedly referred to Cybil as his "White Wolf", including when Laurie Holden started to cry after learning she would have to cut off most of her hair for the role.
  • Christophe Gans originally wanted Cameron Diaz to play the part of Cybil.
  • Cybil is likely brought into the town by Alessa, who intends to use her as a guardian to Rose. Cybil can be considered an uncontrolled variable.
  • Cybil's outfit changes color slightly during the film, but not to the extent that Rose's clothes change color.
  • Promotional material for the film included a Brahams Herald newspaper clipping, in which Cybil's last name is "Bennet" instead of "Bennett".


  1. "This is OFFICER CYBIL BENNETT. (30)" Silent Hill shooting script (2005)


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