Alex and the Janus statue in Dargento Cemetery.

Dargento Cemetery is a cemetery located on Silent Hill's east side, and the only cemetery in the series that acts as a location required to explore in order to progress.

In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Dargento Cemetery is involved in the optional sidequest to obtain the M14 Assault Rifle, and its exploration is not necessary for the plot development. It has two entrances, both opening into Sagan St., and though some graves are marked, many are quite dated and either unnamed or their inscriptions have faded with time.

The cemetery is divided up into three different gardens: the Moon Garden, the Sun Garden, and the Janus Garden. Smogs and Lurkers are the only enemies that appear in the cemetery.


Main article: Birthstones

In order to obtain the M14 Assault Rifle, Alex Shepherd must place the correct stones on the Janus statue found in the Janus garden. There are a total of four stones found in Silent Hill.


  • Janus, as Alex recalls, is the Greek god of youth and adulthood, beginning and end as well as of doorways and gates.
  • The name "Dargento" might be a reference to the Italian horror film director Dario Argento, whose daughter Asia inspired the name of Alessa Gillespie.
  • There's a memo stating there will be a memorial service held in Dargento Cemetery in the Grand Hotel. It's located at the front desk. The memorial is for Clayton Doyle, the late husband of a character Alex meets in the Grand Hotel.
  • In the Xbox 360 version, a glitch may occur if the sapphire stone is immediately placed in the statue's front cavity, after which Alex will not remove the stone even though the "Take" prompt appears.


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