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Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals - Silent Hill is a downloadable chapter for the multiplayer horror party game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals by Glowstick Entertainment. It is a crossover with the Silent Hill series in which players take control of two of its protagonists and two antagonists competing for Soul Shards in the streets of Silent Hill, Maine. It was licensed by Konami Digital Entertainment and announced to be released in February 2021,[3][4][5] being quietly delayed to March 23 for reasons unknown.

The expansion pack was only given a limited release, with Glowstick Entertainment stating on March 19 that "It's highly unusual for a small indie team like [us] to obtain an IP as big as Silent Hill... This is a huge test for the Monsters & Mortals community. If the Silent Hill DLC sells well, DLC for other big AAA IP become a strong possibility."[6]


Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is a P2P multiplayer horror party game in which players take control of monsters or survivor characters. The two classes of characters are at odds with each other, competing for items known as Soul Shards.

The Silent Hill chapter introduces four new playable characters (two monsters and two mortals) from the Silent Hill series and a new map modelled after Old Silent Hill called "Silent Sacrifice", which alternates between the Fog World and Otherworld.[7][8]



M&M Heather Mason Reveal.jpg
M&M Cybil Bennett Reveal.jpg
  • Cybil Bennett (Silent Hill)[10]
    • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate icon cybil.png Incapacitate - Cybil fires a special shot from her signature weapon — a standard issue sidearm — that instantly does 10% HP damage and zeros out the enemy's ultimate meter. It prevents it from recharging for 15 seconds as well.
    • Includes an alternate costume modelled after her film counterpart.


  • Robbie the Rabbit (Silent Hill 3)[11]
    • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate icon robbie.png Rabbit Rampage - Robbie summons 3 clones of himself that follow him and pursue any target he hits with a physical attack for 1 minute. If Robbie hits a different target, the clones will switch to the new target until time runs out.
M&M Nurse reveal.jpg
  • The Nurse (Silent Hill: Homecoming)[12]
    • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate icon nurse.png Fear Cuts Deep - The Nurse summons darkness, inflicting fear on all enemies/mortals on the map for 10 seconds. Fear reduces attack damage by 70% and reduces attack speed by 50%. The Nurse's attack damage gets a 20% boost for 10 seconds as well.

Non-playable characters

  • Red Pyramid Thing (Silent Hill 2)[13]
    • Boss character. Once summoned by an item box, two Red Pyramid Things will spawn in the map. Their two primary means of attack are their swords and a ground pound used to bind nearby players where they stand, making them easier to kill. The Red Pyramid Thing is capable of teleport-dashing towards targeted players.
    • Glowstick Entertainment's official advice for avoiding Red Pyramid Thing's teleport-dash: "Move to the side to dodge or stay out of his range. Good luck."[14]
20210321 221739.jpg
  • Air Screamer (Silent Hill)[7]
    • Stage trap. Once summoned to the Silent Sacrifice map, the Air Screamer will ambush any player in the vicinity for 1 minute.


The game uses covers of "Claw Finger", "Until Death", and "Don't Cry" composed by Daniel Dombrowski.[15][7] Glowstick Entertainment released them as standalone tracks in February and March 2021 respectively.[16][17][18]


The White Hunter of Белый охотник (above) and the creature seen in Fukuro may have inspired the design error in Pyramid Head's appearance.

  • In the game, Red Pyramid Thing is depicted with a hole in the bottom front of his helmet. This is a design inaccuracy,[19] previously seen in Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Super Bomberman R, Metal Gear Survive, and in action figures.
    • The white-helmeted creatures similar to Red Pyramid Thing appearing in the art stories Fukuro and Белый охотник have a hole in their helmets. This may have been the origin of the confusion.
  • According to associate SuperHorrorBro Mike, Glowstick Entertainment chose to use the name "Red Pyramid Thing" over "Pyramid Head" to remain faithful to the intended Japanese name.[7]
  • Heather Mason and Cybil Bennett are voiced by musician Natasha Lloyd.[20]
  • The chapter was only given a limited release due to an expiration date on the licensing agreement. Whether or not it remains available will depend on if Konami decides to extend the licensing arrangement.[20]
  • The chapter was discontinued for sale on Steam in March 2022.[21] Glowstick Entertainment clarified in a Twitter response, "Nobody is taking the license away. It's the time limit that [we] & Konami agreed to."[22]
  • It was re-released on Epic Games Store in August 2022.[23]

Allusions to Silent Hill

Unfortunately, we had a very limited number of Easter Eggs that we were legally allowed to do under our licensing agreement and those were approved by Konami themselves. Some things were off-limits and some things were not off-limits. Some things were approved that we cut ourselves. Maybe we'll reveal what some of the cut items were later, but right now there are about eight or ten Easter Eggs you can find.
— Vince Livings, Glowstick Entertainment CEO[20]

Influence from the film can be seen in Monsters & Mortals.

An abstracted painting of an executioner of the cult.

  • Harry Mason's radio can be found in a street.[24]
  • The American and Japanese covers for Silent Hill (PlayStation) can be seen plastered to a wall.[24]
  • The "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign from the Silent Hill film adaptation is present in the map.[7]
  • Red Pyramid Thing's ground pound ability summons the Halo of the Sun, a symbol of the town's religious cult.[7]
    • In Silent Hill lore, the town was once a penal colony during the Civil War era[25] and nearly every resident was an executioner or family to an executioner. The executioners of the religious cult wore red hoods and white robes in tribute to the angel of rebirth Valtiel, the hoods intended to shield their eyes from directly witnessing their spears piercing the flesh of their killings.[26][27][28] Three years before the events of Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland visited Silent Hill with his wife and observed abstracted paintings of the executioners in the town museum. This visage would later align with his feelings of guilt, inspiring the creation of Red Pyramid Thing in his subconscious.[29][30]
  • Certain dialogue from Heather Mason, such as "Blondes have more fun" and "You're disgusting", reference similar dialogue from Silent Hill 3.
  • The Flauros appears in the Otherworld.[31]

"Five days ago... That's when I first had the nightmare."

  • The door to the titular Room 302 of Silent Hill 4: The Room can be found in the map's residential area. The message "Don't go out" is inscribed on its surface by the rogue cultist Walter Sullivan.[31]
  • Harry Mason is briefly mentioned in Cybil Bennett's dialogue.[31] His name is also written on a garage door.[32]
  • The hole from the Room 302 bathroom can be seen behind a grate in the map.[33]




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