Dead Man's Notes

A corpse with six scattered notes nearby.

The Dead Man's Notes are a collection of six, scattered notes found next to a corpse on north Neely Street in the South Vale area, which appears in Silent Hill 2. The author of the notes was certain of being able to see demons that ate humans, but his friend didn't see anything. Because of this, the writer believed that what he was seeing was merely an illusion.

The rest of the note acts very much like a tutorial to the player, warning them that the monsters are attracted to light and sound, and the importance of landing the finishing blow. The end of the notes points toward a gruesome end to the author, and most likely the reason why they're lying dead in the middle of Neely Street.

The notes are later referenced in a note in Silent Hill: Homecoming.


"I'm going to write everything that
I've learned so far. Maybe that will
help you out somehow.
If you're reading this,
it probably means I'm
already dead.

I saw those demons. They were
there, I'm certain. But my friend
says he didn't see anything.
If that's true, does that mean
that what I saw was an illusion?
But whether that demon that
ate human beings was real, or
whether it was just some kind
of hallucination that my mind
dreamed up... one thing I know
for sure is that I'm beyond all

It seems that they're attracted
to light. That's why people who
need light to see are their natural

They also react strongly to sound.
If you want to go on living,
you'd be better off just sitting
in the dark and staying quiet.
But even that probably won't save

If you're going to try to fight them,
the most important thing is to relax.
It's dangerous to fire a gun while
you're all crazy with fear.
Take good aim, and then squeeze
the trigger. And don't forget to
finish them off. I think most of
those creatures can be killed,
even if they are tougher than

Run away.

Run away! Run away! Run away!
Run away! Run away! Run away!
Run away! Run away! Run away!"
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