Dead by Daylight: Chapter XVI - Silent Hill is the sixteenth chapter in the 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight. It is a crossover with the Silent Hill series that features Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head as playable characters, along with cosmetics modelled after Alessa Gillespie and Lisa Garland.


Dead by Daylight Silent Hill - 10 Minutes of Pyramid Head Gameplay

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill - 10 Minutes of Pyramid Head Gameplay


Both characters come with unique abilities in the form of perks:

  • Cheryl Mason
    • Soul Guard: allows Cheryl to temporarily endure a hit after being healed or having recovered from being knocked down.
      Also allows her to self-recover from a down when affected by a killer's hex.
    • Blood Pact: allows Cheryl and the Obsession to see each other's aura when either is injured. If they heal one another, they gain a temporary movement speed boost.
    • Repressed Alliance: allows Cheryl to call upon the Entity to temporarily block a generator from being interacted with by other survivors or even the killer.
    • Lisa Garland: a Legendary Skin transforming Cheryl into Lisa with her own idle animation when waiting in the game lobby.[1]
    • Alessa Gillespie: a Very Rare Skin transforming Cheryl into her former self.
  • The Executioner (Pyramid Head)
    • Forced Penance: allows the Executioner to temporarily force survivors protecting others from his hits into the "Broken" state, reducing their remaining health stats to just one and disabling healing.
    • Trail of Torment: allows the Executioner to temporarily hide his terror radius and red stain from survivors after damaging a generator.
    • Deathbound: allows the Executioner to force survivors healing one another at a safe distance away to reveal their location to him, after which the two survivors are temporarily oblivious to the Executioner's terror radius if they walk too far away from one another.
    • Corrupted Executioner: An Otherworld cosmetic skin.[2]


The game is 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror with multiple players acting as survivors and one player acting as the killer. The survivor's gameplay is from a third person perspective, while the killer's is first person. The objective is for the survivors to restore five generators and escape before the killer murders them. The map of Chapter XVI is Midwich Elementary School, a location from the original Silent Hill. The musical score for the chapter was composed in collaboration with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.[3]


Following the events of Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason has survived the Order's attempt to use her to birth their god, but is grief-stricken over the loss of her father at the hands of the Missionary. In her father's memory, she takes on the name he gave her former self, Cheryl. However, she blames herself for his demise and wakes up every night to nightmares. Out of guilt, she joins a crisis hotline for troubled youths. On her first day on the job, she gets a mysterious phone call hearing Claudia Wolf's voice before being pulled into the Dead by Daylight domain by a creature called "the Entity".

Elsewhere, in the town of Silent Hill, Maine, a creature similar to James Sunderland's Pyramid Head known as "the Executioner" stalks the streets. As a sadist feared even among other monsters, he is obsessed with dispensing unrestrained torture against those deserving of punishment, a task that no one else truly understands. When his objective is reached, the Executioner rests in the shadows until another sinner comes along. When Cheryl enters the Dead by Daylight universe, the Entity calls upon the Executioner to fulfill his duty once more. He is drawn to Heather due to her remorseful feelings.[4]

Allusions to Silent Hill

Gillespie wall photo

The caged photograph from the Gillespie house influenced Alessa Gillespie and Cheryl's Otherworlds.

  • The caged corpses above the courtyard are an homage to the corpses in the Midwich Elementary School lobby from the original game, which originated from the painting in the Gillespie house.
  • The Piano Puzzle can be seen in the Midwich Elementary School map, maintaining the bloody keys from the original game.
  • The locker room jumpscare returns in Midwich Elementary School, as does the sound of crying in the bathroom.
  • The Seal of Metatron is still present in the courtyard.
  • The cages that the Executioner traps survivors in is reminiscent of the Mary boss from Silent Hill 2.
  • A picture of Mira from the "Dog" Ending of Silent Hill 2 can be found in a desk.
  • Four variants of Robbie the Rabbit's blood stained costume can be bought for the Legion.


  • Although Masahiro Ito tweeted one of his Pyramid Head paintings to commemorate the chapter's release,[5] he has since clarified that it is not related to Dead by Daylight and that he is not involved with any of the game's content.[6][7]
  • One of the game's patches slightly tweaked the Executioner's physical appearance, reportedly causing some backlash over a perceived change in the size of his buttocks. The developer has debunked making such an alteration, with the games director adding that "I can confirm that while our art team did continue to polish Pyramid Head, his butt remained untouched. The apron covering his body was modified, which might create the illusion that his body was also changed."[8]



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