A Delusion is an unofficial name for a duo of monsters appearing in Silent Hill: Revelation.


Delusions are simply ordinary men lacking faces, sometimes with a crudely-made stitched flap.


Delusions are hallucinations that Heather Mason encounter as Silent Hill beckons her to come and rejoin her genuine self, Alessa Gillespie.

Heather experiences the first hallucination right before her first meeting with Douglas Cartland as a homeless man. The other is a security officer seen outside Happy Burger in the Central Square Shopping Center.


The Delusions may symbolize Heather's wariness of strangers or paranoia of society, or simply be an effect of the Otherworld. The homeless man delusion could symbolize Heather's fear of becoming homeless, especially considering how her and her father are in hiding. The security officer delusion could symbolize how Heather feels that she can't trust law and authoritative figures.


  • The appearance of the Delusions is similar to that of Valtiel, a monster seen in Silent Hill 3. However, there is no evidence that the resemblance was intentional.


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