The book found under the burn out Wish House.

The Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments is a memo item found in Silent Hill 4: The Room. It is located in the Forest world the second time Henry Townshend visits it. It outlines the 21 Sacraments that Walter Sullivan performs through the ritualistic killings he commits throughout the game. It also states for the first time the roles of Henry Townshend (the Receiver of Wisdom) and Eileen Galvin (the Mother Reborn). It is obtained in a secret room beneath the burned down Wish House Orphanage, after completing the Burned Doll Puzzle by finding the five missing body pieces scattered throughout the surrounding area, and placing them in their respective places on the doll's body.


"Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments

The First Sign
And God said,
At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage.
Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners.
Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption.

The Second Sign
And God said,
Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil.

Be then released from the bonds of the flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
From the Darkness and Void, bring forth Gloom, and gird thyself with Despair for the Giver of Wisdom.

The Third Sign
And God said,
Return to the Source through sin's Temptation.
Under the Watchful eye of the demon, wander alone in the formless Chaos.
Only then will the Four Atonements be in alignment.

The Last Sign
and God said, separate from the flesh too, she who is the Mother Reborn and
he who is the Receiver of Wisdom.
If this be done, by the Mystery of the 21 Sacraments, the Mother shall be
reborn and the Nation of Sin shall be redeemed."

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