Detective Santini is a minor character seen in Silent Hill: Revelation. He is portrayed by Jefferson Brown.

Silent Hill: Revelation

After Heather Mason witnesses the death of Douglas Cartland at the hands of the Missionary, she flees Central Square Shopping Center in terror. Detective Santini is summoned to the scene when Douglas's body is found. He finds Heather's jacket and goes in search of her, arriving at her house minutes later.

When he knocks on the door, Heather and Vincent Cooper run off, and Detective Santini kicks in the door. Inside the house, he finds everything has been ransacked, and the words "COME TO SILENT HILL" are written on the wall in blood. He orders tests run on the blood, and declares that Heather is now a suspect in a murder case.


  • Detective Santini bears a startling resemblance to Revelation writer/director M.J. Bassett.
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