Devil's Pit Train Puzzle

The panel used in the puzzle.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Downpour puzzle.

At the end of the Devil's Pit mines, Murphy Pendleton finds a mining cart rail that has been converted into a roller coaster-like ride for visitors, especially enjoyed by children. In order to activate the cart and escape into Hillside, Murphy must activate the train using a control panel.


The control panel has five buttons, labeled A through E, and all of them are different colors. Button A is blue, B is green, C is orange, D is black, and E is red. Pressing more than three buttons out of order will cause the machine to reset. A corpse of a prisoner found in the previous room holds a child's poem, which serves as a guide on what buttons to push. The contents of the poem and the solution vary depending on the puzzle difficulty.


"The man has a Red jacket,
And asked me, "How are you?"

He drove the train
Through water that's blue

Then ice cream ruined
My orange shoe."

The solution here is straightforward, as three colors are mentioned in the poem: Red, Blue, and Orange. As such, the solution is E, A, C.


"Jutting underneath cerulean sky
Are rocky cliffs where my heart lies.

Eyes twinkling with emeralds fair
My darling left me weeping there.

But her shadows can't take away
These bronze cliffs at end of day."

As in Easy, colors are mentioned again, cerulean (Blue), emerald (Green), and bronze (Orange). However, shadows are also mentioned, which are Black. The solution, therefore, is A, B, D, C.


"Beneath the slate burns wicked ash.
And the children cry for blood.

Outside, fir trees blow
In a wind that knows not what happened here.

Or that Toluca's subterranean claws
Seek blood. Always blood."

Unlike previous difficulties, no colors are outright mentioned, so one has to look at the colors of things mentioned in the poem. First, the poem mentions "wicked ash", which is Black. Then there is mention of blood, meaning Red. Then fir trees, so Green. The repeating of blood suggests pressing red again, but the last color comes from the mention of Toluca, as in Toluca Lake, so the last color is Blue. This makes the solution D, E, B, A.


  • The man mentioned likely refers to John Sater, due to the fact that he was the train driver and that his purple jacket could have been mistaken for red.
    • The repeated mention of blood and children crying could allude to the train accident that shut down Devil's Pit, also connecting it to John.
  • The first line in the Hard difficulty poem could be a reference to the ash and coal fires in the Silent Hill film and Silent Hill: Homecoming.
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