Devil's Pitstop is a location in Silent Hill that appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. It is located close to Interstate 73 (I-73).

Silent Hill: Downpour

The diner's layout is relatively straightforward. The first room is the main dining area with bar stools and tables that line the walls. There is a small jukebox located close to the kitchen area that can be activated by inserting a few coins found inside the cash register. Once inserted, Silent Hill's opening theme will play but not in its entirety.

The kitchen is small with a large stove in the middle and a supply closet at the back which stays locked until after the Otherworld has been completed. Near the stove, Murphy Pendleton notes the smell of gas and, after turning a knob, accidentally sets the burners ablaze. This fire soon spreads throughout the kitchen, trapping Murphy between the fire and the wall. He must then activate the sprinklers that are located on the ceiling of the kitchen via a switch on the wall. The diner suddenly shifts to the Otherworld due to the presence of excessive water.

In its Otherworld form, the diner has changed completely. There are still some pieces of furniture from the Real World scattered around, but almost everything is different. The diner plays an important role in the game, as it introduces the player to the Otherworld for the first time and also presents the first enemy and boss, being the Screamer and the Void respectively.

Once Murphy leaves the Otherworld through the closet door, several doors that were previously unlocked are now locked and vice-versa. Behind one of the previously locked doors, there are stairs leading down to a basement. The basement is connected by several small hallways leading to small rooms including a living room, a workplace and a storage area. One of these rooms houses the first enemy encounter after a brief cutscene. In the very back of the basement, there is an elevator that brings Murphy to the backyard of the diner.

The backyard of the diner is a fenced area with several small cabins. The cabin closest to the elevator has a small kitchen and bedroom, and on the bed is some clothes that Murphy can change into. The second cabin seems to have been the scene of some type of murder. When inside the incredibly bloody bathroom, the radio will constantly emit static. This cabin also contains a small TV that can be turned on and off. The last cabin is more of a workshop than a house. The Jail Break arcade game can be played here once the generator outside is activated. Beyond the cabins, there is an overlook where Murphy is ambushed by another Screamer. There is a generator near the overlook that must be turned on in order to use the Jail Break machine.


  • According to an educational paper found on a diner table, it is revealed that the whole surrounding area was dubbed "Kwekwaxawe" by the former Native Americans who resided there, the name of a deity in their religion. It was nicknamed "Kwekwaxawe Kanesda," which translates to "nest of the raven". Through Murphy's exploration of the region, he does indeed encounter a high number of black birds that populate the area.
  • Based on a note found in the basement, someone who works in the motel has a tendency to spy on female guests before they go to bed.
D.p. menu

What about the herbivores?

  • A daily specials menu hangs near the register which reads:
  • Although the menu seems to reference the themes of Murphy's manifestations (flesh/blood/death, rain/water, and fog) "boiled meat" may foreshadow the kitchen of the diner catching fire and flooding minutes later.   
  • The sound effect for the fire alarm in the diner's kitchen is extremely similar to the employee elevator weight alarm in Lakeview Hotel from Silent Hill 2. Note that the hotel also had a fire and James Sunderland's view of Silent Hill in Silent Hill 2 was also often characterized by water.
  • The sprinklers flooding the kitchen of the Devil's Pitstop is the first water related manifestation of the town for Murphy, excluding the fog.
  • It is possible that the clothes Murphy changes into were manifested from his memory of his old clothes, as they are the exact same clothes he wears in flashbacks. It would also explain why they were his exact size.
Downpour Secret Devil's Pitstop "Ghost"

Downpour Secret Devil's Pitstop "Ghost"

The ghost at Devil's Pitstop.

  • A ghostly apparition can be seen in-between rooms B and D by the cabins. While Murphy is still in his prison outfit, it will only linger around the corner, but if approached after Murphy has changed clothes, it will shift away out of sight and will not reappear. It is immune to any attacks.
  • The Diner was a location available for purchase in the now-defunct PlayStation Home.


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