Useless Trinkets

The achievement.


Murphy digging for an artifact.

Digging Up the Past is a sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. The quest only becomes available after completing the game for the first time. Completing the quest will unlock the "Surprise" ending, Downpour's equivalent of a UFO Ending. Once the quest is completed, no other endings can be achieved, regardless of choices made while playing.

Quest solution

Digging past map

A map of dig sites and shovel locations.

To complete the quest, locate seven barrels scattered across Silent Hill with burning pink and blue birthday candles on them, use a shovel to dig in front of them, and take the Silent Hill trinkets from the hole. After an artifact is removed from a location, its candles will extinguish.

Below is a list of all the locations of the artifacts:

  • The first site is in a yard north of Straub Street, in Hillside. Find a shovel in a shack in the downtown area in the southwestern corner.
  • The second site is near where Hillside becomes Pearl Creek. A shovel can be found west of the Hillside subway, outside the Hillside Police Station.
  • The third site is in a park south of Cook Street in Pearl Creek. Find a shovel where Cook Street meets Lansdale.
  • The fourth up is inside Logan's Park, located at the border of Pearl Creek and Chastain Heights. A shovel can be found at the border into Pearl Creek.
  • The fifth site is in a small park located behind the Chastain Heights Cinema. Find a shovel in an alleyway northwest of the Chastain Heights subway.
  • The sixth site is in front of St. Maria's Monastery in Chastain Heights. Find a shovel at the entrance of Monroe Cemetery, just south of the Monastery.
  • The final site is in the Port District. Find the barrel in the yard of a southeast home. Then find a shovel near a truck on Ketchum Street.

After collecting all seven artifacts, the quest will be completed.


Artifacts that are dug up can be found in the Extras Menu. Below is a list of the artifacts:

  • Aglaophotis
    • "What the hell is this stuff? Smells disgusting."
  • Radio
    • "What's going on with this radio?"
  • Alien Toy
    • "Do people really believe in this stuff?"
  • Hyper Blaster
    • "Fancy gun... Too bad it doesn't work."
  • UFO
    • "Abduction, huh? That's one way out of here, I guess..."
  • Circle Emblem
    • "This thing creeps me out."
  • Robbie
    • "Cute doll. He seems to be showing up a lot lately."


  • Completing the sidequest unlocks the achievement/trophy "Useless Trinkets."
  • The objects recovered in the dig sites are all references to the earlier games in the series. Ex.: the trinket "Laser Pistol" is modeled after the Laser Pistol from Silent Hill: Homecoming.


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