The doctor's journal found in the document room.

The Doctor's Journal is found in the document room on the first floor of Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2. The journal makes reference to the Otherworld from an outsider's perspective. For the doctor, the Otherworld is nothing more than an illness which has the potential to reside in all people. The doctor is able to view the patient while he is in the Otherworld, but the doctor is not experiencing it themselves. This is similar to how Laura appears to view the world around her: she is able to see James Sunderland, but is oblivious to the horrors that James is experiencing.

After reading the journal, the player will receive a key which is one of two needed in order to help complete the Louise Puzzle in Room S14 of the hospital.


"The potential for this illness
exists in all people and, under
the right circumstances, any
man or woman would be driven,
like him, to the 'other side'.

The 'other side' perhaps may
not be the best way to phrase it.
After all, there is no wall between
here and there. It lies on the
borders where reality and unreality
intersect. It is a place both close
and distant.

Some say it isn't even an illness.
I cannot agree with them. I'm a
doctor, not a philosopher or even
a psychiatrist.

But sometimes I have to ask
myself this question. It's true
that to us his imaginings are
nothing but the inventions of
a busy mind. But to him, there
simply is no other reality.
Furthermore he is happy there.

So why, I ask myself, why in the
name of healing him must we drag
him painfully into the world of our
own reality?

[Something else is written by hand.]

I got the key from Joseph.
It's probably the key to that box."
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