Douglas's Notebook
The notebook
"Probably Douglas's notebook. Can't forget to give it back later."
Informative reading
On a chair inside the Fortune House at Lakeside Amusement Park
Silent Hill 3

Douglas's Notebook is a memo found in Silent Hill 3, located in the Fortune House of Lakeside Amusement Park. Unlike most other memos, the notebook is an actual item present in Heather Mason's inventory.

The notebook provides a small background on detective Douglas Cartland's role in the game, as well as his connections with Claudia Wolf and Heather. The notebook reads like a case file, yet contains Douglas's personal thoughts as well.

The transcript will end at "What is she hiding?". However, examining the file in the items menu will extend it, as will reading it on an Extra New Game.



The notebook.

Client: Claudia Wolf.
Request: Searching for (then-infant)
Alessa Gillespie, kidnapped by man
named Harry Mason.

No word from police.
Kidnap location unknown.

Old Silent Hill newspaper article:
Alessa Gillespie (7) dead in fire.

Links to current case?
To be investigated. Priority: low.

Using alias "Heather".
Neighbors do not know real name.
What is she hiding?

According to records, 24 years old.
Client says looks 17 — plausible?

Lived in Portland 'til 12 years ago.
Got wrapped up in a murder case;
Harry shot suspect.

Justifiable self-defense, so no
punishment. Moved away
immediately after, started to use

Apparently no connection with the
criminal. Just some occult freak,
slightly off from way back.
Originally from Silent Hill?

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