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No, there was never any accident! You were trapped in a place called Silent Hill but your mother saved you. She got you out. But they want you back.
—Douglas, before he is attacked by the Missionary

Douglas Cartland is a character in Silent Hill: Revelation.


Douglas is a detective that is hired by a priestess of the Order, Claudia Wolf. She tells him she wants to find Heather and Harry Mason, whom she has a particular interest in. Douglas learns that the Order wants to use Heather for malicious purposes and turns against them, deciding that instead, he would warn the teenager of their malevolent intentions.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Douglas sees Heather Mason walking to her new school and tries to stop her, talking to her briefly until Heather abruptly walks away, disturbed by the man as she is suspicious of his intentions.

He again tries to talk to her at Central Square Shopping Center, which triggers Heather to call her father as she now assumes he is a stalker. The mall shifts to the Otherworld, entrapping both himself and Heather. When Douglas catches up to Heather, she threatens him with a pipe while Douglas explains to Heather that he was hired to track her down, not knowing at the time who exactly he was working for but now hopes that he can help her escape the Order's murder-fueled pursuit. Heather refuses to listen and tries to protect herself by slamming an elevator door closed between them. Douglas claims that "everything your dad ever told you is a lie," which infuriates Heather, albeit the detective continues to explain that he knows of the car crash that supposedly killed her adoptive mother being fallacious and reveals that she doesn't even acknowledge her true identity. He is cut off by a disc-headed monster silently appearing and slicing his fingers off at the joints. In a sudden change of heart, Heather actually allows Douglas into the elevator as it descends due to the pressure of the Missionary attacking from its roof. After hearing all Douglas has said thus far, Heather actually asks him to tell her who she is, showing he has begun to earn a bit of her trust. However, before Douglas can say much more, the elevator stops and he is abducted by the Missionary, who presumably kills him.

His body, covered in a sheet, is taken out on a gurney some time later with officials identifying him. They find a photo of a blonde girl in Douglas' wallet, as well as a jacket with paper saying "Heather Mason - Sharon Da Silva", speculating it may be her. They also mention looking at the security camera video footage. This is how Heather becomes a murder suspect.


  • Douglas's role in the film is similar to his role in the game, except that he dies early on. This turns Vincent Cooper into Heather's companion throughout the story instead. In the game, Douglas survives to the end and it is implied that he and Heather strike up a father-daughter relationship.
  • Chris gives Heather the white jacket she's seen wearing in the film the same morning that the film starts for her birthday. However, the picture of Heather carried by Douglas Cartland shows the same jacket. This could mean that someone (likely Douglas himself) photographed her while she was walking on the way to school and had the photo printed as soon as possible, presumably during her first day at school. It is also possible that it is a simple design oversight.


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