Please, Christabella, they lured my Anna! They gave her to the fiend!
—Eleanor accusing Rose and Cybil of Anna's death

Eleanor is a minor character in the Silent Hill film. As with many of the characters in the film, Eleanor is an original character not seen in any of the games. She is a member of the fanatical cult known as the Brethren, which is based in the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia. Eleanor is also a devout follower of the cult's leader, Christabella. Eleanor is the mother of Anna.



A younger Eleanor seen in the flashback

Eleanor attends the ritual burning of a child named Alessa Gillespie in November of 1974, and later escapes the fire when the ritual goes awry. When Alessa's rage grows out of control and she splits her soul, Eleanor is one of the people dragged into the Otherworld to pay for her crime against the child. It is implied that Eleanor may have given birth to her daughter, Anna, in one of the alternate realities. According to the original script, at some point in time, Anna's father (and presumably Eleanor's partner/husband) died in the Otherworld. Thirty years later, in 2004, Eleanor is still alive in the Fog World.

Silent Hill

When Rose Da Silva and Cybil Bennett enter the church after Anna's death, Eleanor is the closest to them. She becomes upset, and declares that Rose and Cybil are witches, triggering a chain reaction of accusations among the rest of the cult, only falling back after Cybil discharges her gun into the ceiling.

Eleanor then runs to Christabella and tells her that Rose and Cybil were responsible for her daughter's death. Christabella reminds her that Anna had broken the laws of the church, and was not the responsibility of the strangers. She then comforts Eleanor and leads her to the center of the church to pray for an end to the Darkness.

Eleanor, along with all the other church members, is killed by Alessa when a portal into the Dark World is opened inside the church. Her death is never shown, but it's safe to assume that she was torn apart by Alessa's barbed wire in the same fashion as the other cultists.


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