Radio wire
The red wire retrieved from a broken radio
"I tore this wire out of an old radio. It could come in handy."
Solves Fuse Puzzle
Overlook Penitentiary
Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Electrical Box Wires consist of three scraps of wire that can be found at Overlook Penitentiary in Silent Hill: Homecoming. These three items are required to complete the Fuse Puzzle, and to gain access to the Solitary Confinement area. The wires must be used individually on the incomplete fuse box before attempting to solve the puzzle.


There are three wires that need to be retrieved before solving the puzzle. They are of three different colors (red, blue and yellow, respectively) and can be found around the same area:

Loose Wire

The loose wire can be found in cell A10, poking out of one of the headlight sockets on the front end of the crashed pick-up vehicle.

Radio Wire

The radio wire needs to be removed from an old radio in cell A20.

Scrap Wire

The scrap wire can be found in the Cell Block A guard tower, sitting on a workbench beside a broken surveillance camera.

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