Look, I didn't say it before, but I'm glad you're back. I feel safer with you here. Everything's just been falling apart around us, you know but you just keep moving forward.
—Elle to Alex Shepherd

Elle Holloway is a character in Silent Hill: Homecoming. She is Alex Shepherd's friend from high school and the daughter of Margaret Holloway.

Elle survives the initial attacks on their hometown of Shepherd's Glen and assists Alex on his journey.


Elle was born in 1985 to Margaret and Harrison Holloway. Later on, Elle was given a younger sister Nora when she was seven years old.

Since the Holloway family often worked with the Shepherd family, Alex often encountered Elle and they used to accompany each other as children, although this eventually stopped as time passed.

When high school began, Alex initially ignored Elle, which frustrated her, but they eventually resumed spending time together. Alex had a strong desire to leave Shepherd's Glen, feeling tired of all the pressure to live up to his family's name, but had a hard time discussing this with Elle. He admired Elle for not allowing the family pressure of being a Holloway to affect her. Elle also used to run track.

After graduating high school, Alex began to spend a good deal of time at the Holloway house since his father was often busy, and his mother couldn't care less. On a daily basis, Alex and Elle spent much time together, but this was suddenly breached when summer ended. Shepherd's Glen hosted a large party in 2003 to celebrate its 150th anniversary, and Elle worked with her mother at the dunk tank.

About a week after the anniversary, Alex suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye, leaving her extremely disappointed and somewhat angry at him. Elle visited Adam and Lillian for information, but Adam simply told her that Alex had left and never said anything further.

Four years later, Elle noticed that people in the town were disappearing, including Nora. Worried, she began working with Deputy Wheeler, putting up missing fliers around town.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Alex meets Elle outside the Shepherd's Glen Police Station, where he finds her stapling fliers to the missing persons board. While pleased and surprised to see Alex after so long, she expresses some negativity and faint anger in regards to him leaving so abruptly. Elle gives Alex a radio before he heads off, showing that even though he'd been gone for quite some time, she still wanted to renew their friendship.

Elle appears a second time just outside of the police station after Alex is released from police custody by Deputy Wheeler. When Alex saves her by fighting off a Siam, Elle suggests they might be safer underground, as they are surrounded by monsters in the parking lot. Once inside the sewers, Alex discovers Elle's younger sister Nora has gone missing along with the countless other Shepherd's Glen citizens. Alex assures Elle they will find Nora and Joshua, Alex's missing brother, before they head off in search of a way out of the sewers. Elle goes missing before they can find a way out, leaving behind her radio and smeared blood, leaving Alex to fear the worst.


Elle and Alex talk on the way to Silent Hill.

Elle is not seen again until after Alex escapes the sick "Hell House" version of his home. Elle takes a boat ride with Alex and Wheeler to Silent Hill, where they hope to find answers about the dismal state of Shepherd's Glen. She gives Alex her locket, but before they can dock the boat, Order Soldiers capture Elle and Wheeler and Alex is knocked into the water.

Elle is last seen being terrorized by Curtis Ackers with his saw in the underground part of the Church of the Holy Way, known as the lair. Alex saves her by killing Curtis, and she assists him in finding Wheeler in the underground, where Alex tells her it is probably best for her to find a way out of the area. 

If the player receives the Good ending, Alex is seen coming out of the sewers at the same time Elle makes her way onto the road. After several hugs and a brief conversation, Elle assists Alex out of Silent Hill.

If the player receives the UFO ending, Alex and Elle are beamed into an alien spaceship while Wheeler witnesses the whole scene.


Elle's Diary

  • "I managed to get one of the old computers in the library to work! See, typing works!!!! I CAN TYPE IN CAPS TOO!!!"
  • "If someone told you they had a computer for a best friend, would you think they were crazy? I would. But then again, good friends are hard to come by."
  • "I opened the fridge and there was about half a glass of old apple juice and a jar of mustard. Seriously, THAT’S WHAT WAS IN THE FRIDGE. I wrote a note to Mom on the door. It said, 'Hey! Can we PLEASE buy some food? There are humans in need of nourishment still living in this house!' Think she’ll get the message?"
  • "But seriously, no wonder everything has gone to hell around here. The freaking mayor is sleeping on his own front lawn like he’s some high school freshman who didn't make it home from a party. How embarrassing."
  • "I'm not sure what has happened, but my mom and I used to be friends. Not like hang out at the mall friends, but at least she acted like a mom who had a daughter."
  • "Maybe tomorrow, aliens will land in front of the town hall and take me on board. Doubt it. That would almost be a relief."
  • "Whoever said that curiosity killed the cat might have been right. But cats have nine lives. I'm pretty sure I only get one."

Silent Hill: Homecoming

  • "Alex? Oh my God! Alex! My God, it's so good to see you. It feels like it's been forever. Hey, you know. I... I didn't think I'd ever see you again. You took off without saying goodbye."
  • "Everyday there are more flyers to put up... every day more people disappear!"
  • "Trouble? Look around you, Alex! This whole place is in trouble!"
  • "Alex. I hope you find what you're looking for."
  • "It's getting worse, Alex. The whole town is falling apart, and there's nothing we can do about it. We're never gonna find them."
  • "You know, I never understood why you left. One day, you were just... gone. Look, I didn't say it before, but I'm glad you're back. I feel safer with you here. Everything's just been falling apart around us, you know but you just keep moving forward."
  • "I took it from my mother's room the morning Nora disappeared, and I haven't taken it off since."



Concept art of Heather.

  • Elle's design was recycled from the original model for Heather Mason. Elle also bears a strong resemblance to one of Heather's concept art depicting her in jeans and a jacket.
  • Elle was originally supposed to be an older version of Laura from Silent Hill 2, and was even supposed to wear James's jacket in the boat ride to Silent Hill. However, this idea was scrapped.[1]
    • In deleted text files, it is revealed she was originally named "Laura Elizabeth Holloway".[2]
  • Elle mentions having a father in her diary, however, he is never seen nor mentioned in the game. Elle incongruously comments, "He's found the best way to deal with life is just to pull the covers over your eyes and pretend no one can see you." In deleted text files, it is revealed Elle's father's name is Harrison Holloway.[3]
  • During the sewer level, should Elle run into a corner, she will likely be unable to leave that area, forcing a save reload. This glitch is most prominent in the PC version of Homecoming.[4]
  • In the lair, the player can backtrack to Margaret's corpse after rescuing Elle. Elle shows no reaction to her mother's corpse, even with the drill still embedded in her throat. This was likely overlooked by the game developers, as in a real life situation, Elle would have likely had a strong emotional reaction. It may also point to Elle's traumatized mental state, having just been tortured and almost murdered by a man working under the orders of her mother, as well as discovering her mother is the leader of a homicidal cult which has been killing innocent people, including children. Also, Elle's diary shows she seems to resent her mother and is indifferent. It is possible that Elle may have begun grieving her mother's death at a later time, when her mental state had returned to normal.
  • Throughout the game, Alex and Elle give hints to possible hidden feelings aside from just high school friendship. Examples include:

Elle and Alex hug.

  • When Alex first meets Elle as she's stapling up fliers, they launch themselves into a very heart-warming hug that suggest more than old friendship. It seems at any given chance they touch each other affectionately, examples being when they reunite, in the sewers, after Alex escapes his Otherworld house, during the boat ride, and in the Good ending.
  • When Alex says he is leaving to find Joshua, Elle appears hurt. She also appears hurt that he is more interested in finding his brother than talking to her. Just before he leaves she also gives him a radio, stating it's "just in case she hears anything" about Joshua, although her almost shy behavior hints that she may also have given this to him for safety, or even to have a way to contact him.

Elle smiles at Alex on the boat.

  • On the boat to Silent Hill, Alex teases Elle about her hair when observing the locket she gives him, saying, "Wow... look at that hair." Elle laughs and pushes him lightly, but only moments afterwards Alex adds on, "I'm just happy to see that something's gotten better since I left." Elle immediately smiles and the two gaze at each other passionately, but are interrupted by Deputy Wheeler suddenly calling to Alex.
  • Alex seems to become violent when Elle is in danger; for example, when they are in the lair beneath the church, he kills Curtis instead of incapacitating him to prevent him from probably killing her with a circular saw.
  • There are also several romantic implications heard in "Elle Theme", such as the line, "It feels good, just holding you."

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