For the character from Silent Hill: Mobile 3, see Emilie (Orphan).
It's not a dream... Mommy is calling me to go to the lake.

Emilie Anderson is a character from Silent Hill: The Arcade. She bears a resemblance to Hanna, who died 75 years prior to the events of the game.


Emilie is a girl who commutes back and forth to Midwich Elementary School and is the daughter of the Silent Hill Historical Society's chief librarian, Frank Anderson. She is also a friend of Tina's, as she sends her e-mails during computer class.

About a year prior to the game, her mother, Michelle Anderson, was robbed and murdered by Scott Fairbanks during a home burglary and Emilie witnessed the event. Michelle then began to appear in Emilie's dreams, calling her to Toluca Lake.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

She is seen throughout Brookhaven Hospital running from ferocious attackers. She joins Eric and Tina after they defeat Tuberculosis on the roof. She tells them that she lost her mother on the way to the lake, and accompanies Eric and Tina until she runs off into the Little Baroness in Stage 3. When Eric and Tina make it to the ship, she hugs Lorraine, Hanna's mother, but is thrown overboard right after. Her fate depends on what ending the player receives in the game.


Good Ending: Emilie and Hanna are saved.

Bad Ending: Just Emilie is saved. This ending is received if the player doesn't shoot the little hands that appear with the final boss. Emilie's fate is left unclear, but it is presumed that Emilie does not survive after Hanna drowns again.

UFO Ending: Emilie is kidnapped by Eric's great grandfather, who is still alive and working with aliens. She is taken to the edge of the galaxy while Tina and Eric chase after them in a space war ship.


  • Emilie bears some resemblance to Laura from Silent Hill 2 through her appearance, and the fact that they both favor teddy bears.


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