Book4 Entomology Volume 3

The book on honey bees.

Entomology Vol. 3 Apis Mellifera (Honey Bee) is a book that Murphy Pendleton can find in the Centennial Building on the 2nd floor of the library.


The bee is an interesting insect, and one that has quite a bit in common with us humans. Bees build and live in societies, hold down jobs, and communicate in a symbolic language. These commonalities even further; bees build prisons. These tiny penitentiaries are offset from the rest of the hive, and are used primarily to detain hive beetles; pests that threaten the safety of the bees' home. Before long, the sentence is delivered and the death penalty rendered via lethal injection. It seems in hive law, beetles are guilty unless proven innocent.

Solitary honey bees are typically docile and rarely attack unless provoked to the extreme. When the bee does choose to attack, this single act of retribution is almost always fatal for the bees itself. The barbed stinger of the honey bee pulls the lancet deep into the skin of the victim, injecting 1 mg of apitoxin. When the bee attempts to flee the scene of the crime, it finds that a large part of its abdomen, guts, nerve and muscle tissue are torn from its body and left behind. Eviscerated, the bees dies shortly after, paying the ultimate price for revenge.


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