Faceless Nurses are monsters that appear in Silent Hill: Origins. They continue the tradition of nurses in the series.


They are similar to the Bubble Head Nurse in appearance, though they wear slightly different clothing and, like the name suggests, lack any facial features. The Faceless Nurses also wear slightly more revealing garb than nurses in past installations. They appear to have a surgical mask melted into their faces, which is more noticeable in the PlayStation 2 version.

The nurses wear long surgical gloves, and their dress emphasizes their cleavage. They also wear thigh-length stockings held by suspenders.

In Alchemilla Hospital, they appear lighter in color than the nurses in Cedar Grove Sanitarium. The nurses in the sanitarium are greener in color, as if they are rotting, and their faces are covered in bandages.


Silent Hill Origins - nurse fight

Silent Hill Origins - nurse fight

Travis fighting Nurses.

Faceless Nurses are armed with scalpels and syringes, much like a normal nurse would carry. They have a weak forward slash, but their grappling move can damage Travis Grady sufficiently.

Faceless Nurses are slow-moving enemies that quiver incessantly and cannot see Travis if the flashlight is off. They can easily be beaten with any kind of melee weapon or even bare hands; however, they may try to grab Travis. If he is grabbed, Travis must throw them away as fast as possible, or else he will be pierced by whatever weapon the Nurse is holding.


The Faceless Nurses may represent Travis' possible sexual anxiety. It is noted in the beginning of the game that Travis just doesn't meet the "right girls", and to make matters worse, truckers are known for having strained (or nonexistant) love lives, due to their profession not only being time-consuming and fatiguing, but also for taking them away from home for days, weeks or even months at a time. The Faceless Nurses have higher heels than any other nurses in the series up to this point, as well as suspended thighs, announcing a more sexual appearance and taunting Travis' sexual deprivation.

These nurses twitch somewhat more spastically than other versions of the nurses, possibly hinting at Travis' general nervousness around women.

  • In relation to the Bad ending, based on a note found in the library Otherworld in the theater, it comes to light that Travis may have been on a killing spree, and yet still mentally shields himself from his crimes. This makes him a perfect subject for brainwashing into the cult. This could also mean that the various "Cause of Death" photos of naked women who have different means of death (by shotgun, stabbing, snake bite, overdose, etc.) located throughout Riverside Motel may have all been committed by Travis.

As well, although more mild, the nurses could serve a secondary purpose of symbolizing Travis' mother, Helen Grady, being a victim in a mental hospital. Their frequent appearances in the asylum could serve as evidence for this hypothesis. This may also imply that Travis has an Electra complex regarding his mother.

A third purpose is that they are connected to Alessa Gillespie, who has recently been hospitalized at the time of the game's events.



Silent Hill: Origins

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