You know Finn will never let that happen.
—Jill to Jack, in regards to the pair leaving together

Finn Conway is a mobster appearing in Sinner's Reward.



The exterior of Finn's, a tavern owned by Conway.

Of Irish heritage, Finn Conway is a boss in the Irish mob operating out of Boston, Massachusetts. The extent of his illicit activities is unknown, though he has enough enemies behind him to require keeping at least one hitman on his payroll, as well as an unknown number of thugs. Determined to keep what is his, Finn isn't beneath murder to get back anything that's taken from him.

Sinner's Reward

When Finn discovers his wife, Jillian, has run off with a hired gun named Jack Stanton, he wastes no time dispatching three of his underlings, the O'Conner brothers and Jimmy Shea, to bring the couple back to him.

As time passes and his thugs fail to report in, Finn takes matters into his own hands and sets out to retrieve his erstwhile wife and the backstabbing hitman. When Finn last heard from his thugs, they had said they were heading into some mountainous terrain. This brings Finn to a little roadside stop called Charon's Bar-B-Q. Inside, Finn inquires as to whether the old man at the counter has seen a pair of burly fellows and a jumpy guy driving a black SUV, fancied up the way kids like them these days. The old man draws a blank on the trio of Finn's helpers, but he does recall a young couple passing through.

His attention piqued, Finn asks if they said where they were heading, but the old man can't seem to recall. Until that is, Finn pulls out a gun and points it in his face. Taken aback, the old man assures Conway that guns are unnecessary and that the pair had asked about a place to grab some food. Telling them the nearest place was the town of Silent Hill, the pair left. Thanking the old man for his help, Finn heads off to Silent Hill. Just inside of town, Finn comes upon Jack's car, out of gas and abandoned. Frustrated, he consoles himself with the fact that at least he's in the right place.


Finn stabbed by Pyramid Head.

As Finn comes upon Brookhaven Hospital, Jack comes bursting through the door, yelling for someone to stop. Surprised, Finn raises his gun and tells Stanton that stopping would be a very good idea, because Jack and himself have some business to discuss. He than asks Jack for his gun, when a girl steps out of the hospital and tells Finn that he can't have it, because Jack will be needing it soon. Unmoved, Finn tells the young lady that the only thing Jack is needing is to tell him where his wife is. The girl, named Sara, simply responds that Jillian is dead. Enraged, Finn levels his gun and screams that if his wife is dead, then so is Jack.

That may be the case, Sara says, but it won't be Finn who does the deed. Silent Hill has decided that much.

He is then impaled by a large knife, held by Pyramid Head.


  • Finn Conway bears a resemblance to Adam Shepherd of Silent Hill: Homecoming, and is even killed in a similar manner. Sinner's Reward, however, was released some five months before Homecoming was; possibly due to time constraints, this may have been more of a coincidence.
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