Harry using a flare to repel the Raw Shocks.


A group of flares.

Flares are items that Harry Mason can use in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories to temporarily repel the Raw Shocks and are the closest thing resembling a weapon in the game. The Raw Shocks have a negative reaction to heat, thus as it burns, they will stay about three meters/yards from Harry until it completely burns out.

Dropping the flare on the ground in certain places such as a narrow corridor can be more effective than carrying it along, as it will create a "barrier" that the Raw Shocks cannot pass. Flares must be used carefully as they only last about 15-20 seconds.

While flares let off extreme levels of heat, Harry can hold the flare as close to his body as he likes, but he will not get burnt or hurt at all. As well, while the Raw Shocks are aversed to the extreme heat of a flare, when they attack him, they are able to "chill" him to death by absorbing his bodily heat.

There are about one or two flares available per nightmare sequence.

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