The Floatstinger is a boss in Silent Hill and the mature form of the Twinfeeler, which Harry Mason previously fights at the Silent Hill Town Center. It is located atop the roof of the post office, across from Alchemilla Hospital. The Floatstinger's death shifts the Otherworld back to the Fog World.


The Floatstinger's appearance is akin to a "macro-moth", which is a common term used for a "giant moth", excluding the size since the Floatstinger's size is exaggerated to form the challenge. Although it can't be directly linked to any discernible species, it does bear close resemblance to a variation of the Bombyx silkmoth, otherwise known as the Bombyx mori moth, "mori" meaning "death" in Latin. This would be due to its large, heavy abdomen, comb-like antennae, and similar appearance. The Bombyx silkworm (larvae) also resembles the Twinfeeler to an extent, supporting this possible theory.



The Floatstinger spewing acid bile.

Although it takes the appearance of a moth, the Floatstinger's attacks consist of spewing motes of poison at long-range and jabbing with its stinger at short-range, features that are uncharacteristic of moths.

It is usually recommended to attack the Floatstinger at a distance with firearms; though if ammo is scarce, it is possible to attack at close range with the axe, so long as Harry is constantly moving in order to avoid the stinger.


Like the Twinfeeler, the Floatstinger's appearance is reminiscent of the insect specimens hanging on the walls of Alessa Gillespie's room in her home.

The Floatstinger could also symbolize the concept of "transformation", similar to how part of Alessa's soul transformed into Cheryl Mason, or the transformation between the Otherworld and Fog World of the town.



Cecropia moth on a hole in the wall in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

  • The music that plays during the fight is "I'll Kill You".
  • On the graffitied walls of the Nowhere room a young Alessa is found crying in, a drawing of a moth appears similar to the Floatstinger.
  • In Silent Hill: Origins, a second playthrough ("New Fear" mode) opens up the post office in front of Alchemilla for exploration. Although the roof cannot be reached, Travis Grady can find and examine a dormant moth-like creature at the door, a throwback to the Floatstinger.
  • In Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason can see Alessa's butterfly and moth collection on her wall, located in Alessa's room in the chapel. One of the displays has broken glass with a butterfly/moth clearly missing from the display. This may possibly be a throwback to the Floatstinger and may confirm that it came from her collection.
  • In Silent Hill 4: The Room, a similar moth can be seen in the Spiral Staircase.
  • In the Silent Hill Sounds Box, there is a track called "Tussock"; when the term's definition is considered, a likelihood can be found that the track has a connection to the Floatstinger.


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