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The player in a Forsaken Room.

Forsaken Rooms are rooms in Silent Hill: Book of Memories that can change the player's karma. They hold traumatic memories that have been abandoned. These rooms only appear while playing alone, trapping the player temporarily while offering some form of interactive elements. Depending on what kind of action is taken, all rooms will have three possible outcomes symbolized by affinity: Blood, Neutral and Light.

There are seven rooms in the original game, and two will be added after purchasing the Expansion Pack. The first seven appear in set areas early in the game, but all the rooms including the additional two will emerge at random from Zone 22 onward.

List of outcomes

Room Description
Light Neutral Blood
Crying Child A small child weeps in her bedroom as you quietly observe. Will you contribute to her terror, or let her know that everything will be alright? Remain passive Approach the girl slowly at least 3 times Actively chase the girl
Perfect Family A picturesque park has been dropped into a dismal, mechanical wasteland. A family caught in a moment, attempts to enjoy their Saturday afternoon. Will you let them? Remain passive Destroy any statue of one of the child's parents (mother or father) Destroy both statues of the child's parents
Bad Baby An ordinary infant in an ordinary crib may not be quite as ordinary as it seems. Don't be fooled by appearances. Nothing is cheerful in Silent Hill. Remain passive Attack the crib once, then stay idle Destroy the crib
False Enemies A young girl, frozen in terror is surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies in a wax museum. Will you be her savior, or let them tear her apart? Is any of this real? Destroy the nurse statues  Remain passive Destroy the girl statue 
Woman in the Box An unseen, disturbed woman mumbles aggressively from within her iron prison. Only your words can soothe her... or drive her off the edge of madness. Use VO dialogue lines: Commands - Go Ahead, Comments - Random, Yes, Exclamation Remain passive Use VO dialogue lines: Commands - Follow Me, Stay Here, Tactics - Rear, Comments - No
Broadcast A series of monitors observe over the nightmare, while a voice reports loosely on the state of your being. It's up to you whether or not to listen. Listen to the broadcast up to the end Destroy some televisions Destroy all the televisions
Frequency A violent barrage of audio imagery assaults your senses in an abandoned pawn shop. You need to make sense of this. You need to distill the message. Destroy all the lamps only Remain passive Destroy only the radio
Hospice An oversized, sickly nurse creature awaits death in a cramped hospital room. It's up to you whether to end her suffering with a nurturing touch, or contribute to it with malice and steel. Use the rear touchpad to make the nurse shrink until she disappears Remain passive Attack the nurse relentlessly
Family Portraits Painted portraits represent four generations of a family. Love, pride, hatred, and resentment are woven into each canvas. It's up to you to sort through these emotions and restore order. Hit the vases many times Remain passive Arrange the pictures properly from youngest to oldest using the least possible number of moves


  • The memories of the Forsaken Rooms all belong to a girl named Michelle, albeit in a twisted, darker form. Her diary entries (notes that can be collected upon installing the Expansion Pack) all document them. It was later revealed in the Blood version of the final entry that the journal she had been writing on was also one of the Books.
  • The Woman In The Box can be attacked with no real consequence. It counts as being passive and is actually the easiest way to earn the "Beat Maniac" trophy provided the player prepares the right weapon/s beforehand.

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