No, don't go. I'll do anything you want. Anything.

Francesca is a minor character who appears within Dying Inside, Issue 1.


Prior to learning about Troy Abernathy's self-help book entitled: "You're In Control! 10 Easy Life-lessons for Taking Control of YOUR Life!", Francesca wasn't taking care of herself, as she was drinking heavily, being promiscuous, and using drugs.

Dying Inside


Francesca tries to convince Troy to stay with her.

Attending a book signing held by Abernathy, Francesca enthusiastically shares with the former psychiatrist the change his book brought to her. She mentions her previous bouts of questionable behavior and begins to embarrassingly admit that if she had met him in a bar during that low period in her life, some brow-raising activities may have occurred, though she doesn't elaborate. Trying to change the subject, Francesca offers Abernathy her condolences about his late wife, but ends up tripping over the conversation.

As the young woman takes back the book Troy had signed for her, the inside cover reads "You're beautiful. The Argento Uptown. Room 618." She takes the author up on his invitation, and the pair sleep together. When Abernathy awakens the next morning, preparing to leave, Francesca, also awake, pleads with him to stay. She offers to do "anything" for him. Abernathy declines her request.

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