"Frank" refers to multiple subjects. See Frank for more uses.
Emilie, get away from her! She's not your mother! Have you forgotten that she is... your mommy is already DEAD!
—Frank, warning Emilie of Lorraine

Frank Anderson is a character in Silent Hill: The Arcade. He is the father of Emilie Anderson, one of Tina's friends, and is the chief librarian of the Silent Hill Historical Society.



Frank and Emilie

Scott Fairbanks, a 31-year-old unemployed resident of Silent Hill, burglarized the Anderson family home one night. In doing so, he robbed and murdered Frank's wife, Michelle Anderson. The police arrested Scott, though upon interrogation he was in a state of "extreme shock". At the time, Frank was working late at one of Silent Hill's hospitals while his wife and daughter were at home. It can be assumed that after this incident, Frank left his medical career and became a librarian for the Silent Hill Historical Society.

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