Shoulda done me in when you had the chance, girl.
—Gates to Anne Cunningham

Freddie Gates is a character in Anne's Story and Silent Hill: Downpour.


Much of Freddie's personality is widely unknown, though George Sewell describes him to Anne as "out in a few years as long as he keeps his nose clean". As he is seen boarding the bus in the beginning of Downpour, he appears to exhibit a mild demeanor, keeping to himself, much like Murphy, though it's possible that this was simply a facade, as he is witnessed beating an already-dead Willis as Anne discovers him, possibly revealing his true nature as a murderer. This is further supported by his repeated use of terms such as "bitch" when he has the upper hand, implying he was aware that such behavior would not stand while he was in cuffs, meaning he may have simply been manipulating the cops' perception of himself the entire time.

Anne's Story

Freddie was one of the prison transfers and is encountered after Anne believes she is seeing Murphy Pendleton killing Willis. Anne then attacks him but soon realizes that she instead tackled down Gates. Gates introduces himself as not Pendleton, only to quickly remark that Anne should have killed him when she had the chance, proceeding to raise a gun to her, grinning, only for a Weeping Bat to grab him by the head from behind and begin crushing it before he could pull the trigger.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Freddie's appearance in Downpour is brief, as he is only seen in the beginning of the game boarding the bus alongside Murphy and Sanchez, presumably escaping through similar means to that of Murphy following the crash, fleeing to the Devil's Pit, where he quickly managed to acquire a gun by dispatching the first officer he saw. Whether he intended to use the gun for safety purposes or planned on continuing to murder people is unknown. 

It can be assumed that the dead, fly-infested inmate Murphy passes in the caves near the water wheel puzzle was Freddie, as his corpse rests in an area very near to where Anne passed through. However, the bag over the corpse's head makes it impossible to say for certain, as it is unlikely the Weeping Bat would have placed the sack over Freddie's head upon mutilating it, though this act could have been instead perpetrated by a Screamer, which are also prominent throughout the mines.


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