The junction box found in the penitentiary.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Homecoming puzzle.

The Fuse Puzzle is a puzzle that is encountered twice in Silent Hill: Homecoming. The first fuse puzzle is located in the Grand Hotel, and the second is located in Overlook Penitentiary. The objective is to rewire the five colored wires in the fuse box to restore power in a certain location.

The fuse box contains wires that are connected at the top of the box, and the bottom of the wires remain unconnected. It has five green lights that should turn on to complete the puzzle. The player must figure out the correct position for each wire by testing the connection with a switch. The switch determines how many wires are in the correct position; however, it does not reveal which or where. It is up to the player to discern which wire is in the correct position.

It should be noted that this puzzle has the same solution regardless of the difficulty setting.


Each wire is colored to identify them from one another. There are a total of five wires: white, green, yellow, blue and red, and they all have access to each connection at the bottom of the box. The solutions below are of the order the wires go in the bottom of the fuse box, from left to right.

Grand Hotel

The first fuse puzzle Alex Shepherd solves is outside of the Grand Hotel. Solving it will restore power to the main elevator. The solution is found on a clipboard on a nearby dumpster.

Written on it is "Don't forget to tape the big game! XXI"

The solution is represented by the roman numerals. They represent the way the wires are to be arranged, meaning that the first two wires switch places from their top connections, the third and fourth wires also switch places, and the last wire is connected in the same position as the top row.

Basically, the wire connections at the top, from left to right, are:

Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green.

This means the bottom connections, from left to right are:

White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green

Overlook Penitentiary

The second fuse puzzle Alex solves is inside of Overlook Penitentiary, after he has rescued Deputy Wheeler. Upon solving it, Alex will be able to obtain a serum and gain access to Solitary Confinement. However, before the fuse box can be rewired, the player must first find the three wires that are missing. The locations for the wires are:

  • In the cell adjacent to the cell with the fuse box. It is exposed from an abandoned radio.
  • On the ground floor of the same block, in the cell with a truck rammed inside. The wire is hanging from one of the truck's lights.
  • In the guard tower of the following upstairs corridor. It is among a set of tools meant to fix a broken surveillance camera.

After collecting all three wires, they should then be placed in the fuse box. The process of elimination is used to discern the proper connection. The solution is:

Red, White, Green, Blue, Yellow
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