The Gallery of Fine Arts is a location found on the fifth floor of the Hilltop Center in Silent Hill 3, and it displays paintings and vases in its main area. Heather Mason must go through the gallery in order to get the screwdriver and the katana. The screwdriver is located on top of a box in the gallery's interior hallway, accessed by the door on the east side of the gallery. The katana is in a storage room.

The four paintings are Repressor of Memories, Flame Purifies All, Mountain, and an unnamed one that Heather remarks costs a whopping $5,000 ("There's a price written here. Let's see... 5000?! Man, what a world.") Heather mentions a dislike of the first two paintings because they likely allude to her past self as Alessa Gillespie who was burned alive, and also since Heather has Alessa's repressed memories.

Heather must also return to the gallery after the Otherworld transition. She finds an alternate version of Flame Purifies All on the wall with a metal bucket in front of it. She must combine the pork liver, the oxydol, and the matchbook to burn the painting and reveal a hidden door.



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