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Garland's is a pet store in Ashfield that Henry Townshend explores as he searches through the Building World in Silent Hill 4: The Room. There is not much left in the store besides shelves of pet food and supplies. Henry must simply pass through to further explore the Building World. During Henry's second visit, he must place a stuffed cat inside a cage in the pet shop, which is now populated by numerous ghosts.


The pet shop was formerly owned and run by Steve Garland, hence the name of the store. Garland fell victim to Walter Sullivan's homicidal spree and became the 4th victim in a list of increasing murders. Walter met Steve Garland as a child after accidentally dropping one of the kittens in the store, injuring it. Many years later, Walter brutally murdered Steve with a sub-machine gun and then proceeded to kill every animal in the store.



Pet Shop

Memory of the pet shop massacre.

Outside of Garland's in the Second Building World, a newspaper can be found describing the murder of Steve Garland and his pets for sale. The text is in broken and disjointed English and does not file into the Memos menu.


According to the Ashfield police, on...

at approximately 3:30 in the evening, witnesses hear the pet shop, Garland's,

reported the sound of multiple gunshots, possibly from an automatic weapon.

By the time the police arrived, the perpetrator had already fled and the shop owner, Steve Garland,

was found dead with a probable submachine gunshot wound to the head.

All of the store animals were brutally slaughtered and the store left in extreme disarray.

In addition, inside sources say that Garland's heart had been removed,

and on his back 5 number were carved


The "cat food".


Pet Shop

Memory of the pet shop massacre.

  • On the shelf where the key to Albert's Sporting Goods lies are also boxes of "BEEF CHIPS" with pictures of dogs on the front. Upon clicking on them, Henry says, "It's enough cat food for an army of cats."
  • During Henry's second visit to the Building World, a plethora of animal sounds can be heard. If Henry reads the newspaper on Steve Garland's murder, noises of things such as gunfire; breaking and damaged items; and dogs and cats dying will be heard. Upon entering the store again, it will be a complete mess: the walls will be riddled with bullet holes, the furniture will be strewn around (leaving only a narrow passage for the character to pass through), and there will be several bloodstains on the ground. The animal sounds will be gone as well.


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